Warzone Camo Not Working, False Prospector Camo Bug Fix

Is the False Prospector camo not staying on a loadout in Warzone? Season 4 has arrived at Warzone and with it, the Fortune’s Keep event. As with the most limited-time Warzone events, during the Fortune’s Keep event players are tasked to perform various challenges. And, of course, unlock some nice rewards when they complete them. One of the very first challenges is called “Cutthroat” and it requires players to eliminate 50 players on Fortune’s Keep and earn the False Prospector camo. Unfortunately, for some reason, the camo doesn’t save on a loadout when you equip it. If you are facing this issue as well, here’s what we know about this camo glitch and some potential ways how to fix it.

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Warzone Camo Not Working, False Prospector Camo Bug Fix

How to Fix Warzone False Prospector Camo Not Working

The Mercenaries of Fortune event in Warzone features eight challenges that players will need to complete on the new Fortune’s Keep map. The reward for the Cutthroat challenge is the Legendary False Prospector camo. It is a nice-looking golden camo. However, many players are complaining that they are unable to use it. Namely, the camo doesn’t stay on your loadout after you equip it and leave the gunsmith.

Players would choose it for their loadout, but once they go back to the play screen it disappears. If you go back to see if the False Prospector camo is still equipped, you’ll find out that the game didn’t save your choice. Why is this happening? Fundamentally, it is a bug. It is not the first time players are having issues with camos, nor it will be the last. Some players report that currently it only stays on the H4 Blixen.

However, there are currently two methods reported to bypass this False Prospector bug. The first method is to equip the camo when you have already started a match. Start the match, equip the camo on your weapon, and don’t switch screens until the round starts. If this doesn’t work for you, there’s a second method – make a custom blueprint and equip the camo there. While these workarounds should do the trick in most cases, if they don’t help you, you will have to wait until Raven fixes the issues. Hopefully, it won’t take them too long.

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