Cod Warzone Halloween Event Release Date & Time - The Haunting

The Halloween event for COD Warzone has got a time and release date, and this year The Haunting of Verdansk is back. For any who played it before, this turns downed players into the vengeful undead. Previously, they returned as zombies. This year, ghostly apparitions take to the stage. Read on as we discuss the event and its release date.

Cod Warzone Halloween Event Release Date & Time - The Haunting
Cod Warzone Halloween Event Release Date & Time – The Haunting

This COD Warzone Halloween event mode has proved popular in previous years. Instead of getting sent to the gulag when operators die, they undergo transformation into a ghost. The purpose of a ghost is to hunt the living, claim three souls and get their place back among the mortal realm.

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Another way they can do this is by using their horrific finishing move. It results in an automatic respawn when successful. However, the move can become interrupted so the time to do it must get selected carefully.

All players can get attacked by a ghost unless they are on sacred ground, which the ghosts can not enter. You can find these on the map, marked as a glowing blue circle. With enough damage, these areas will face destruction so they may not hold up forever.

Cod Warzone Halloween Event 2021 Haunting of Verdansk – Release Date & Time

The release date and time for the 2021 COD Haunting of Verdansk Halloween event have been announced. If you are in the UK and Europe, expect the event to be available at 6 pm BST time, Tuesday, October 19th. In North American, it will release on the same day 10 am PDT.

The Haunting Event also allows you access to some limited weaponry. Challenges will unlock the prototype LAPA SMG. It is the first ranged weapon event reward. There will also be new store offerings. These include classic horror outfits such as Scream’s Ghostface Operator mask and a Frank the Rabbit Operator skin.

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