Find Golden Keycard & Open Mercenary Vault Warzone

A new season has started in Call of Duty Warzone. Among this usual influx of new content and things to do, an activity stands out as particularly beneficial to do. Namely, there are Golden Keycards that you can get and these can then be used to open up Mercenary Vaults. Inside of these vaults you will find some very nice loot. We don’t have to point out that this is definitely something that is very much worth your time and effort. However, to be able to do this in CoD Warzone, you will need to find a Golden Keycard and then use it to open a Mercenary Vault. We’ll show you how this is done.

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Find Golden Keycard & Open Mercenary Vault Warzone

Where to Find Golden Keycard in Warzone Caldera

To begin with, you need to be aware that, even though this is Season 4 content, it’s not part of the new Fortune’s Keep map. No, these Keycards and Vaults are on the Caldera map. As for how and where to find the Golden Keycards – you will need to look for and open up loot crates around the map. In order to maximize your chances of finding one of these, you should head to one of the high-level loot zones. These are marked orange on your map, so they are very easy to tell apart from regular zones.

Open a Mercenary Vault Warzone

Once you have found a Golden Keycard, you can then use it to unlock a Mercenary Vault. Here’s where you can find these Vaults: southeast of the Lagoon, east of the Power Plant, south of the Docks, south of the Runway, northwest of the Resort, between the Digsite and Mines, and north of Fields. Note that one Golden Keycard is good for opening up one Mercenary Vault. If you want to open more of them, you will need to get more Golden Keycards.

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