Fix Dev Error 6039 COD Warzone

If you’re trying to fix the COD Warzone Dev Error 6039, you’re not the only one. It’s just one of those errors that pops up every now an again to pester you. Fortunately, there are a number of potential solutions that you can try and make it go away, ranging from the fairly easy to relatively drastic. We’ll present you with all the ways to fix Dev Error 6039 in COD Warzone that we know of in this guide.

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fix dev error 6039 cod warzone
Fix Dev Error 6039 COD Warzone

How to Fix COD Warzone Dev Error 6039

To fix the Dev Error 6039 in COD Warzone, there are several things that you can do. First off, you should make sure that you have the latest update installed. On console, highlight the game in your library, hit the Options button, and then select “Check for updates.” On PC, follow the steps appropriate for your launcher. In case there are no updates to download, it’s time to proceed to the next step. If you can get into the game and access the options menu, go into the Graphics section and disable on-demand texture streaming. That seems to cause some problems, and this particular error can be one of them. If you can’t get into the Options due to the bug, proceed to the next step and then circle back.

Another way to fix the COD Warzone Dev Error 6039 is to completely power cycle your console. By that, I mean, you select the “Turn off console” option. Not “Enter rest mode” or “Enter sleep mode” or whatever; you have to turn it off completely. Then, unplug the console from the wall and wait for about a minute or so. Then, plug it back in, turn the console back on, and see whether the error has gone away. If not, well, it’s time for the arguably most drastic solution – uninstall the game complete and reinstall it. While you’re at it, if you have an additional hard drive connected to your console, consider installing the game on the one the game wasn’t on yet. As in, if it was on the external hard drive, install it on the console’s main one.

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  1. D
    David Carroll

    Load of cral doesn’t fix

  2. C
    Cornel Jones

    My Call of Duty games I can not play. The game scrolles uncontrollably. It is not an controller issue it is something else. When I go into the game it scrolls. This has been going on now for 3 weeks and I have not solution for it. I have tried to get this fixed bit no one has a result for me besides making another account and games sharing. But I have to bulid that one up. I can not get in touch with anyone at activision or even send a problem to them it will say unavaliable. Can any one help?? Hope that it is not a software problem and if it os how would I fix it???

  3. J
    James Norris

    This is all a scam.
    I had to buy a Xbox live subscription just to play a free game due to dev error goldflake…
    Is this how they make up there 😂 see in vanguard…
    What a joke seriously.

  4. K

    Ever time I get in the game it just kicks me out of the hat now I thing the this game is trash this happen two time fix it please I’m begging

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