How to Download & Play COD Warzone - Early Access & Preload

How to download and play COD Warzone depends largely on whether you own Modern Warfare or not. If you already have MW, you can access the new battle royale mode through the game itself. If not, you can download it separately. It’s free, and you don’t need MW for it to work. If you’re wondering how exactly this works, where to look for it, or what the download size is, keep reading our guide on how to download & play COD Warzone.

how to download cod warzone early access preload
How to Download & Play COD Warzone – Early Access & Preload

CoD Warzone early access – how to play CoD Warzone if you already own Modern Warfare?

If you have Modern Warfare, you can start playing Warzone four hours earlier than the rest of the world – at 8AM PDT. Not only that – you’ll only have to download around 20 GB of data, provided MW was already updated to the latest version. Once you’ve downloaded the Warzone update, simply run Modern Warfare and the option to play the new modes will be available in the main menu, where the Classified section used to be.

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How to play CoD Warzone if you don’t own Modern Warfare?

If you’re don’t own Modern Warfare, you’re probably wondering where to download COD Warzone. First off, you’ll have to wait until 12PM PDT. There’s no preload, but once the game goes live, you’ll be able to download it from all “first party stores”. That means Xbox and Playstation stores on console, and on PC. The download size will be between 80 and 100 GB, so be prepared for a lengthy install.

CoD Warzone preload

Sadly, there isn’t a way to preload the new mode. You’ll just have to wait until it goes live. It’s a bit of an issue if you don’t have Modern Warfare, since the install size in that case is staggering, but what can you do?

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