CoD Warzone Cross Platform & Crossplay

Cross-platform and crossplay are pretty important features for any multiplayer game, especially Battle Royale games, and Call of Duty Warzone is no exception. Naturally, CoD fans left and right have been wondering whether COD Warzone is going to include cross-platform play. After all, that might be how the game lives or dies. So, in our CoD Warzone Cross Platform & Crossplay article, we’re gonna answer whether Warzone has crossplay. The answer probably won’t surprise you.

CoD Warzone Cross Platform & Crossplay
CoD Warzone Cross Platform & Crossplay

Does Call of Duty Warzone Have Crossplay & Cross-Platform?

Yes, Call of Duty Warzone does support crossplay, and it does work cross-platform. This has been confirmed on the official Call of Duty Twitter. So, no matter which your platform of choice is, you’ll be able to play with your friends that might not share your preference. In fact, we’re not sure that there is a way to turn the crossplay option off, meaning that PC players will likely have the time of their lives picking console players off.

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On top of the crossplay support, CoD Warzone also shares progression with the last Modern Warfare. The same goes for the Battle Pass and Item Shop; both are linked to Modern Warfare. Speaking of, if you own Modern Warfare, you’ll be able to start playing Warzone at 8 AM PDT. Everyone else will have to wait until 12 PM PDT, so that’s a pretty decent head start compared to the free players. For more information about all that, check out our How to Download & Play COD Warzone – Early Access & Preload guide.

So, there you have it. Depending on whether you own the last Modern Warfare to come out, you might have access to Wazone earlier than others. You can get the first taste of the new feature, like The Gulag. And either way, you’ll be able to enjoy the game in crossplay.

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