COD Warzone Red Doors

Red Doors in Call of Duty Warzone are basically a new mechanic that has been introduced fairly recently, and people are wondering where to find them and how to open them. Basically, how the red doors work in general. As it turns out, it’s a pretty interesting mechanic, which rewards you with great loot, but not without risk. We’ll lay out everything we know so far in our COD Warzone Red Doors guide.

cod warzone red doors
COD Warzone Red Doors

How to Open Red Doors in COD Warzone

To open the COD Warzone red doors, you just have to find them, as we’ll explain a bit further below. Once you do, just open them as you would any other door. There doesn’t seem to be any special trick to it. Behind these red doors is a portal that will take you into a hidden room that’s full to the brim with powerful loot. The downside is that, once you try and get out, it will transport you to a random point somewhere on the map. This is definitely a risky maneuver, since the RNG gods might drop you into a pretty bad situation. On the other hand, it might become a handy exit from a gunfight, and besides, you can never have enough powerful loot. Good luck whatever you choose to do.

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Where to Find Red Doors in COD Warzone

To find the Call of Duty Warzone Red Doors, you simply need to follow the high-pitched sound they emit when you get relatively close. As for their exact locations, they spawn at random. They probably have several set locations where they can appear, and it’s just a matter of visiting as many of those as you can. However, we don’t have enough info on the red doors to know where these locations are, if indeed they do exist. If you think you’ve found where they can spawn with any degree of certainty, let us know in the comments. On the bright side, the red doors are very easy to spot, because they look completely different from all other doors on the map.

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