COD Warzone Split Screen Multiplayer

Call of Duty Warzone is launching today, and a lot of folks are wondering whether it has split screen multiplayer. Although pretty much all multiplayer action nowadays takes place over the internet, a number of folks still like having the option to share the screen with their teammates. This guide is going to tell you everything you need to know about COD Warzone splitscreen, starting with its availability.

cod warzone splitscreen
COD Warzone Split Screen Multiplayer

Is there split screen in COD Warzone?

We don’t know yet. There hasn’t been any official word from Activision, so it’s all conjecture at this point. The closest we have to official info is the report from a Youtuber who played the mode behind closed doors. He said the version he got the chance to play didn’t have split screen.

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On the other hand, Modern Warfare itself supports it, and since that’s the game Warzone spun off of, there’s no reason to suspect the new mode won’t have it. Also, Blackout, Call of Duty’s last battle royale effort, also had it. So if there isn’t some technical reason that prevents it, that is beyond the grasp of a regular Joe Sixpack like myself, there should be a splitscreen mode in it.

The fact that the only person who has tried Warzone and talked about it at length before release said he didn’t see it doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be there. Maybe it was an older build they had him play. Maybe it was specifically disabled for the event. We’ll know more in a couple of hours, once the game launches, the gigantic update downloads and people start pouring in like a deluge. We’re going to keep monitoring the situation, and we’ll update the guide with more info as soon as we have it, so stay tuned.

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    I play ware zone no split screen shame i’ve played all video games call of duty i’m a big fan of the series but frustrating to see such a long wait and it’s not what i want no quads no split screen no the game of friends we were expecting. Yes very good material good handling smart choices but ……

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