CoD Warzone Plunder Mode - How it Works

Plunder mode in Call of Duty Warzone is a new mode along with the Battle Royale. While it does take place on the same map, CoD Warzone Plunder works very, very differently than Battle Royale mode. Since it’s completely new, players have been wondering about how Plunder mode in CoD Warzone works and how to play it. So, that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in our CoD Warzone Plunder Mode – How it Works guide.

CoD Warzone Plunder Mode - How it Works
CoD Warzone Plunder Mode – How it Works

How Plunder Mode Works in Call of Duty Warzone?

Plunder Mode in Call of Duty Warzone happens on the same map as Battle Royale, with the same amount of players. However, the goal is completely different. The teams are competing to collect and deposit one million dollars before the half-hour timer expires. That being the aim, the amount of cash you’ll be finding across the map increases dramatically.

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Now, it’s not enough to collect the million, you also have to deposit it, and there’s two ways to do so. The first one is by helicopter, which you can call at the different helipads around the map. Using the chopper is free, and it can carry any amount of money. The problem is that the helipads are out in the open, so odds are good that somebody is going to wreck you as you attempt to deposit the money.

The second way to deposit cash are the Deposit Balloons. You have to purchase these from Buy Stations, and one balloon can only carry $150,000. So you have to pay money in order to deposit a limited amount of cash. On the bright side, you can use the Deposit Balloons from pretty much everywhere, and not risk your neck by idling at a helipad.

Now, speaking of risking your neck, if you get killed, you’ll drop a limited amount of cash, which the opponents can then collect. So, it’s risky to run around with a lot of money on you, even if you won’t necessarily drop everything you’re carrying for other people to grab. That said, all the money that you deposit remains there, and cannot be lost.

So, the aim of the game is to deposit one million in your bank before the timer runs out. If it does, and neither team has secured a million, then the team with the most money wins. When, however, one team does hit the mark, then the overtime round starts. All the money banked in each team remains, the timer shortens, and the amount of money on the map doubles. At the end of overtime, the team with the most money banked wins. So, even if your team doesn’t hit a million first, there’s still a chance to bounce back.

Two more things that I have to mention: In Plunder, unlike Battle Royale, which has the whole Gulag thing, you keep respawning upon death after a fifteen-second timer. Second, Plunder lets you do the whole create-a-class loadout that any normal Call of Duty multiplayer mode has. That is not exactly the case in Battle Royale.

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