When is Godzilla Coming to Warzone

Players want to know when is Godzilla coming to COD Warzone, since the arrival of the giant lizard has been teased for a while now. In fact, references to the MonsterVerse have been dropping left and right, so of course fans of both Warzone and Vanguard can’t wait to see what’s coming. We’ll share all the info on the subject we have in this article.

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when is godzilla coming to warzone
When is Godzilla Coming to Warzone

When is Godzilla Coming to COD Warzone

UPDATE: It has now been officially confirmed that Operation Monarch, which is the name of the Godzilla vs. Kong event, is set to kick of on May 11th, 2022.

At the time of writing, we don’t know for certain when Godzilla is coming to COD Warzone. However, we can make an educated guess. Season 3 of Call of Duty Warzone (and Vanguard) are coming out on April 27th. So, I doubt that we’ll get to see Godzilla, or any other creature from the MonsterVerse, before that date. Now, will the event that introduces the giant nuclear lizard kick off as soon as Season 3 does? Well, it’s a possibility, but we can’t claim anything with certainty. We’ll have to wait for official confirmation before we can say for sure.

The only reason that players are even buzzing so much about Godzilla is the series of short teaser videos that the official Call of Duty Twitter account has been posting. They all revolve around some as-yet unknown horrors striking Caldera Island. The Nazis have been using some sort of nuclear weapon there, and have “shaken something awake”, which is when Godzilla coming to Warzone becomes a thing. One of the videos on Twitter prominently features an ape-like skeleton that’s about thirty meters in height, which is the height of King Kong in Skull Island.

Now, even though renowned leaker Tom Henderson has revealed that Godzilla will be arriving to Call of Duty back in February, it’s all still shrouded in mystery. Maybe King Kong will also make an appearance, who knows? One thing is for sure; Season 3 of Vanguard and Warzone are gonna be pretty interesting.

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