Where is Krampus in Warzone, How to Defeat Krampus

Knowing where Krampus is in Warzone and how to defeat it is necessary to complete one of the seasonal challenges during the Festive Fervor event. The whole process is really tricky, because the monster has no set spawn locations, and even when you do manage to summon it, you’ll find that it’s a powerful enemy. With all that said, let’s begin.

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where is krampus in warzone how to defeat krampus
Where is Krampus in Warzone, How to Defeat Krampus

Where to Find Krampus in Warzone

To find and defeat Krampus in Warzone, you actually need to work actively to make him hunt you and your team. To summon Krampus, you need to play on the Caldera map or on Rebirth Island and secure the perimeter around one of the Christmas trees. Collect lumps of coal from the loot you get from the trees, and that will eventually get you on Krampus’s Naughty List. As soon as you get the message that Krampus is targeting you, ready up, because you’re in for a tough fight. You’ll hear sleigh bells and the monster’s howls a warning, for what good that does. The whole team is gonna have to work together to put the creature down; it’s best to not try this alone.

How to Defeat Krampus in Warzone

To defeat Krampus in Warzone after you find the monster, you’ll have to shoot it a whole bunch. So, first off, it’s a good idea to fight it in the open. The other thing you need to know is that Krampus is slow and will usually only target one of you. That person needs to just kinda kite the creature around by running backwards and firing while the others unload everything they’ve got. When it teleports away, make sure to call that out, because it will come back, and you need to be ready. You need to deal a total of 365 damage to the beast to complete one of the challenges, and I wish you the best of luck.

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