Can't Unlock Platinum Camos, Progress Lost MW2 Season 1

Is your camo progress lost with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 1? The long-awaited Season 1 is here! Unfortunately, for some players, it has started with quite unpleasant issues. Namely, a number of players report that they can’t unlock platinum camos in MW2 Season 1. Others report that all their camo progress has been reset. Have lost your camo progress? Are you unable to unlock platinum camos in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1? Read on as we explain this issue.

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Can't Unlock Platinum Camos, Progress Lost MW2 and Warzone 2
Camo Progress Lost Modern Warfare 2 Season 1. (Image Credit: mr_Joor via Reddit.)

Can’t Unlock Platinum Camos in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 1

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 is now here! Not only it comes with several new maps and weapons, but it also arrives with Warzone 2.0. However, instead of enjoying new content, a number of players are currently suffering from a rather unpleasant issue. Namely, many players are reporting about lost camo progress with the start of Season 1. If you can’t unlock platinum camos, here’s what we know about it.

“With the release of Season 1, all of my platinum challenges that were not fully completed were reset to 0,” says Reddit user LaxGrip. And he’s far from being the only one. It seems that the issue isn’t related to any particular challenge or class. In fact, players report this is happening across all classes.

Thus, if platinum camos are bugged for you as well, you should know that it is a known issue since Season 1 launch. Unfortunately, as far as we are aware, there is currently no solution for this annoying bug. Furthermore, developers are yet to acknowledge this issue. Hopefully, they will fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will follow the situation closely. If we stumble upon any temporary solution how to bypass this glitch, we will make sure to update the article. For now, that’s all we know about lost camo progress in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1.

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  1. K

    I can confirm after doing the long shots on my one Assault rifle it unlocked platinum as well as progress toward polyatomic camo also!

    1. L

      I got gold in the 51 guns in the game today, when I went to start the platinum I noticed that the challenge boxes were unchecked, but the Long Shot challenge was working… until I tested the pistols, with the 5 golds the game informs me that I only have 4 gold, 4/5 and I can’t proceed unfortunately. I hope they fix that soon, hard work.

      1. J

        I finished getting Gold on all the ARs the night before Season 1 dropped. Went to do the Platinums and it’s showing I have 0 of 8 required Gold Camo Challenges completed….Even while the Gold camo is equipped.

        1. L
          Leeroy Jenkins

          Same here – all 8 ARs have gold camos, but the Platinum challenge is still locked.

          1. R

            Same here I completed all gold challenges for my assault riffles and it says I need to complete them to start platinum

          2. K

            Happened to me as well all 8 unlocked but no platinum what’s going on ?

        2. R

          Yep same thing happened to me.

        3. A

          Same exact issue here.

        4. S

          Yes this is my issue I have all the gold camps for lmg’s and two platinum camo’s now it’s telling me I have 0 gold camos when I can still equip the gold and platinum camo but it does not let me do long shot challenge for the rest of the lmg’s

        5. J

          Same for me all 8 AR’s gold and shows 0/8 platinum challenges won’t unlock.

      2. W

        Same but in the marksman rifles but the long shot not working, do you have a solution

    2. J

      i have the issue where i only have 1 platinum gun and i cant do any of the other guns i have 8 gold guns done in the assault rifles and did the HB13 and got it platinum wanted to move on and do say the m4 but it says its locked for the platinum challenge im so confused ?????

  2. J
    Jay C. Gagne

    I can also confirm that I lost my Platinum progress as well. However, in addition, I am unable to continue them since the “complete 8 Gold Challenges” box became unchecked even though ALL of my assault rifles are already gold… So it is also preventing me from continuing my platnum challenges because the platinum camo suddenly became locked again. With every gun already gold, there is no way for me to unlock the platinum challenges… I hope they fix this soon.

    1. C
      complete 4 gold camps is not checked off and I can't get the challenge don't for platinum even though they are all gold

      Yea I am having the same issue but with my snipers. The complete 4 gold camos is not checked off and I can’t get the challenge don’t for platinum even though they are all gold

      1. D

        I’m having this issue with my melee weapons. I have the riot shield, as well as the combat knife both gold. I had made a little progress towards platinum with the knife. After the update, I no longer have access to the platinum challenge. I literally completed gold on the knife right before the update, wanted to grind platinum today so this is super frustrating!

      2. J
        Jordan Goodman

        I’m having the same issue, Signal 50, MCPR, SA-B and SP-X all gold but it’s saying I only have 3/4 sniper rifles gold and even when I tried doing the longshots in a game they don’t seem to be tracking. Very frustrating.

        1. R
          Rod Coxswell

          The victus won’t advance for me anymore. Every other gun is gold and 15 platinum, but this 1 gun won’t go any further than one “get 3 kills without dying.”

          Yes, frustrating when you’re trying to complete the challenges. They’ve been making these games for so long, and these are always an issue.

    2. G

      Same situation, have all my ar gold camos but the platinum challenge is still blocked and the progress is at 0/8 and all my weapons are also back to level 1

      1. 4
        40 Mikes Out

        Exactly! It says I have 0/8 guns gold, that’s false! I even have 1 platinum gun! I just sent an email to Activision on this topic. We should all do the same because this is a hard grind!

        1. E

          That’s the same issue I’m dealing with All my ARs gold and one plat and 10 long shots towards the scar but no check

        2. K

          The same thing is happening for me for my ARs. I sent in a support ticket on Activision. Really hope they get it fixed soon.

        3. J
          Jonathan Stenbak

          So I just unlocked polyatomic camo challenges by getting 51 guns platinum but I still got 2 SMG that need platinum as going for polyatomic challenges I was going for platinum challenges too but they didn’t count my long shots for my gun just the headshots

        4. P

          Hab das gleiche gemacht Ticket ist auf

          5 pistolen Gold aber spiel sagt nein 4 von 5 und kann kein platin machen und es sind meine letzten 5 Waffen:(

    3. K

      you should be able to still get the long shots, mine was locked and I was able to still make the progress through it!

    4. S

      Same happened to me.
      8/8 Assault Rifles are Gold but the challenge says on 7/ 8 are so I am unable to get proceed with Platinum Challenges.

      A bit frustrated.

      1. L

        Same as my pistols bro, 5/5 gold in my account but 4/5 on challenge screen.. smh

    5. M

      I have the same issue here

    6. K

      I got the same problem, all my sub’s is in gold, but its like its not registered in the plat challange…
      can see i got 1 longshot on aug, but its locked

    7. Q

      Same here man I was working on my Battle rifles and I just checked randomly now it’s saying I don’t have any gold weapons when I already have the 74U platinum and can select the camo? Lol Cmon now infinity ward I can’t even access my friends list on MW2 rn get it together u was on a good one.

    8. Z
      Zach m

      Same thing happened to me. Dumb game

    9. J
      Jennie Keyes

      I noticed that platinum is locked but the platinum challenge is still progressing. Like I have all 8 ARs gold and it says I have 0 and is locked but its putting kills.towards the platinum challenge. Like the kastov 7vu I just got gold today (last gun) and platinum is locked but it’s showing I have 2 long shot kills towards platinum. So anyway, I’m sure they will fix it soon and whatever progress you get in the meantime will apply

  3. D

    Same. I had 20/25 longshots for 74u. I finished the m4 and I still have it platinum. But 84 u was reset to 0/25 and can’t continue to do longshots if I wanted to since it says I have 0/8 gold even tho they’re all gold. This should be fixed by now. These devs just don’t care and it’s disappointing to see.

    1. K

      you should be able to still get the long shots, mine was locked and I was able to still make the progress through it! my gold was also 0/8 and ive gotten 3 guns platinum today even with it showing I dont have gold anymore

      1. C

        I just did a bunch of longshots on my Raal, pretty sure it was over 25, and platinum didn’t unlock, and it shows I have 0/25 longshots. It says i am missing one gold gun to unlock the challenge but I have all of them gold.

      2. J

        The same happened to me, Can you equip the camo?

        1. J

          It says 0/8 gold camos but the longshots are counting

  4. R
    Robert Falkenstein

    So I can confirm this issue as well. If every weapon in the class is already platinum there is no issue. If you have any weapons in the class that are not gold getting one gold seems to fix it. If every weapon in the class is already gold but not platinum you seem to just be screwed. They need to fix this asap. I personally wount be playing anymore until I can continue my camo grind.

    1. S

      I have all platinum but it reset my polyatomic challenges and said I have to do 51 platinum challenges but I can’t cause I already have everything gold, I also had 10 double kills with dog that got reset this mw2 might be getting a refund ngl.

  5. R

    All the guns I had gold before the update I can no longer try for platinum camo challenges but if you continue the grind I finished getting my launchers gold after the update and I can do the platinum challenges for them

  6. A

    FIXED (for me): I had the same issue where I had completed all gold challenges for shotguns the completed 1 platinum longshot challenge and the camo was still locked. I then restarted app and it is now unlocked and equipable!

  7. S

    Now it says I only have 50/51 platinum camo when all my guns are platinum I guess I won’t be getting polyatomic anytime soon does anyone else have this problem?

    1. C

      I have the exact same issue! I finished my platinum guns today and it says I have 50/51 platinum guns and I cant make any progress toward polyatomic. Hoping this gets fixed soon…

  8. J

    Same for me sadly. Unlocked all 8 AR gold camos but now won’t let me unlock platinum as it’s saying I 0/8 Gold camos unlocked. Very frustrating to say the least, all the hours people put in grinding the camos challenges and they can’t even get this right on WZ2.0 release date. Welcome to Call Of Duty lol

  9. M

    Have the same issue with my launchers. Specifically the rpg which is the hardest one to get platinum imo. I contacted support but haven’t got a reply yet. Does anyone know if your progress counts if you try to do the challenges even though it’s locked? I would hate to waste my time if it isn’t going to count.

  10. M

    Alright, the check box is unmarked but the challenges still work and you will get the camo once done…..your welcomed

  11. S

    I am also experiencing this issue. I have all 8 Assault riffles as gold but it’s not unlocking the challenge for Platinum and my progressions for platinum long shots are at 0. Why play when I can’t progress 😩

  12. E

    I unlocked gold on every weapon and waited to finish the longs it’s when I was done but the happens and now I have 0/ all gold guns registered for each category so I cannot unlock polyatomic or diamond after all that grinding very sad hopefully this gets fixed soon

  13. S

    Yup I also have this bug and although some of you suggest that getting longshots still count mine is still stuck on 1/25 and I must have gotten at least 8 or 9 playing Hardcore right now.

  14. L

    Same done 17 of the 51 platinum challenges and now I’m f**** seriously pi**** off about this because it was a tedious grind, to begin with.

  15. W

    this is just a let down for me

  16. A

    Yes we at this house are all gamers .and love MWF2 we are having the same issue here with my guys profile and he has all 8 of his AR’s golden but it says 7 of 8 and platnium is locked. I hope they fix the issue . I myself am having an issue and have had mine reset my progress . Ugh… will be emailing also to hopefully get the bug fixe d faster .

  17. A

    I’m having the same issue have all assault rifles gold but can’t proceed cause it’s saying 0/8.

    1. T

      Same happening for me but for Battle rifles too.

  18. R

    Since season 1 was released, I can’t progress with Platinum camo’s on Assault rifles. Platinum is locked again because they’ve added the M13B, and you need to get gold on all AR’s before you can start platinum. I’d already started working towards platinum with longshot’s, so hopefully this will get sorted

  19. C

    The game says I am missing gold guns on pretty much all categories but I already unlocked everything gold a few days ago. However from what I’ve experienced even though it says that, you can do the challenges and they will track properly and you will be able to unlock the platinum guns, For example my game says I have 0/8 gold ARs but I unlocked all of them plat yesterday. Unfortunately the only category that is not working for me are LMGs, my game says I have 5/6 gold and the longshots don’t track at all so I have not been able to unlock any of them plat. I already did over 25 longshots with a couple LMGs and it still says I have 0 longshots and the camo wasn’t unlocked. Hopefully they fix this soon, it’s the only thing missing before being able to get polyatomic 🙁

    1. R

      Yeah, I’m having the same issue: all gold unlocked but on platinum says 0/8 unlocked. So the golds are unlocked and the platinum is locked. This is frustrating

  20. N

    Same here. I have completed all weapons to gold, and have been steadily working away on polyatomic and then i stumbled across the 5/6 plat LMG bug. What a pain in the a**e. Cant progress on longshots because of this bug despite all others working fine. Stranger still, the MW2 trello board had recently put up ‘we are aware of players expericing issues with camo progression’. This was up for several days and now quietly they have archived the post last night and changed it to ‘fixed’ so dunno what to tell you guys, i think we are the unlucky ones on this forum, i pray for a fix but seems they dont care. :/

    1. S

      Well Nathan I have the same problem here… 3/4 battle rifles gold showing up but alteady have all 4 gold. When I do longshots on those gun none of them are counting. I was hoping it would be solved with todays update but unfortually not 🙁

  21. A

    all my ARs, MARKSMAN RIFLES, SMGs are platinum but have registered as 0 done. i have all BRs gold but cant do the platinum challenges its says i only have 3/4 on PS5.
    until now i thought it was only me.
    would uninstalling then reinstalling help? is this happening across all platforms?

    1. N

      I havent personally tried uninstalling and reinstalling would that do the trick you think? It seems to be a widespread problem of sorts but in varying degrees. I havent come across anyone who has tried that so far on an platform?

      1. S

        I did redownload the game.. diden’t work at all don’t waste time

  22. J
    Jonathan Stenbak

    So I just unlocked polyatomic camo challenges by getting 51 guns platinum but I still got 2 SMG that need platinum as going for polyatomic challenges I was going for platinum challenges too but they didn’t count my long shots for my gun just the headshots

  23. P
    Peter Hoffmann

    My LMG class is still bugged. It says I only have 5/6 guns on gold even though I finished every gun. Is there a fix or do I just hope for an update??

  24. P

    Hey anyone has the same problem as me? i have unlock gold camo for 8 smg, but unfortunately my 8th smg to get gold is the BASP which is not considered as at-launch gun, the P90 was the one i needed to get gold, but i cannot progress anymore in gold challenges, but my platinum challenges were unlocked because i have 8 completed the 8 smg gold challenge.

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