Modern Warfare 2 Cartel Protection Mission Bug Solution

What to do if the Cartel Protection Mission won’t progress in Modern Warfare 2? Like most video games, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 also comes with its fair share of unfortunate bugs. Sometimes, these bugs are fairly minor, and sometimes, they can prevent you from advancing in the game altogether. The Cartel Protection Mission bug falls in the latter category. When you need to hold position during this mission and you have cleared out all the enemies, you will get sniped no matter what you do when you try to walk further down the map. So is there a solution for this Modern Warfare 2 Cartel Protection Mission bug? Luckily, there is, and we are here to share it with you.

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Modern Warfare 2 Cartel Protection Mission Bug Solution
Modern Warfare 2 Cartel Protection Mission Bug Solution

Stuck on Cartel Protection Mission Solutions in MW2

During the Cartel Protection Mission in MW2, you will need to hold position at a certain point. Even when you take out all the enemies around you, certain players won’t be able to advance further due to a bug. So what is the solution here? Well, the problem seems to affect players that have been too hasty and haven’t heard the entire dialogue between Ghost and Alejandro. Most likely, this resulted in some problem with the code and some script not running when it was supposed to.

To fix this bug, restart the mission. Then, when you are at this same spot, wait for Ghost and Alejandro to finish their talk. This occurs after the second wave of enemies but before the RPG ambush. It’s best if you don’t move in front of these two, and instead try to follow behind them at all times. This will allow you to hear all their dialogues and all the game scripts should then work as intended, resolving the bug.

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