How to Level Up Fast in MW2

Don’t know how to level up fast in MW2? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There are many ways to earn more XP and level up fast in Modern Warfare 2, and we are going to explain all of them in this guide. Of course, you’re still going to have to put in some effort, but at least you’ll know where to invest your time.

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how to level up fast in mw2
How to Level Up Fast in MW2

How to Level Up Fast in Modern Warfare 2

There are several things that you can do to level up faster in Modern Warfare 2, aka MW2. First off, you should complete missions in the single player campaign. They grant you both Double XP and Double Weapon XP tokens, which you can then activate from the main menu. That is, unless you run into a bug, as covered in our How to Use MW2 XP Tokens, Timer Problem guide. Next up, be sure to do both regular challenges and weapon challenges. You definitely shouldn’t ignore the latter, because some of them reward you with hefty amounts of XP. Pair it with an XP token or a Double XP Weekend, and you’ll be rolling in it. That’s our third piece of advice, by the way: keep track of Double XP Weekend events.

Another great way to level up fast in MW2, or Modern Warfare 2, is to always play the objective. I’m not trying to be patronizing here; you really earn a ton of XP for doing what you’re supposed to in a match. Some of the best modes for farming XP include Control, Domination, Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint, since they also give you experience for killing enemies. While you’re at it, don’t forget to revive fallen teammates whenever possible. It’s a decent, if not the most reliable source of XP. The game wants you to be a team player, so it rewards that kind of behavior. And that’s about all we’ve got. If you have more advice on how to earn experience quickly, let us know in the comments.

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