MW2 Crossbow Glitch, Unlock Crossbow Early

How does MW2 Crossbow Glitch work in Season 2? Season 2 has arrived in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and DMZ. And it is packed with new content, including five new weapons. Three of these are unlocked via the Season 2 battle pass, while the Crossbow is unlocked once you complete all seven Path of the Ronin Event challenges or purchase via Store Bundle. However, there’s a trick to getting the weapon early. In this guide, we explain how to do it.

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MW2 Crossbow Glitch, Unlock Crossbow Early

MW2 Crossbow Glitch, How to Unlock Crossbow Early

Before we proceed with the instructions, a fair WARNING and a disclaimer. Getting this weapon via the MW2 Crossbow glitch method is not a regular way of obtaining it. Rather, it is an exploit of a known bug which circumvents the requirements and allows players to unlock this weapon earlier than intended. Hence, doing this might get your account temporarily suspended or even banned. Truth be told, Activision has never before suspended players for this kind of exploit, at least not en masse. Nonetheless, by doing this, you are making a risk of losing your account.

With that out of the way, let’s see how the MW2 Crossbow glitch works in Season 2. In order to get a crossbow early in MW2 Season 2, follow these instructions, as shared by Reddit user u/SyncingShiip:

  1. Back all the way out to the screen that says ‘Call of Duty’.

  2. Tap A/X to start but then quickly hit B/Circle, and there should be a menu asking you if you want to retry your connection or go offline.

  3. Go offline. Scroll all the way to the right to local multiplayer. Select it.

  4. Navigate to weapons. Make a class. Find the gun you want, in this instance, the crossbow.

  5. Hold LT/L2 to pull up the weapon attachment screen. Hold LT/L2 and save it as a blueprint.

  6. Go back to the screen that says ‘Call of Duty’ and go back online as normal.

  7. Select Multiplayer or Warzone (doesn’t work in DMZ). Go to create a class and head over to the crossbow and hold LT/L2 until the gunsmith pulls up. Push B/Circle two times.

  8. Congrats. You now have the weapon equipped and you can start to level it up/grind camos before having it officially unlocked.

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