DMZ Electric Sheep, Hack the Wheelson Guide

Not sure where to find the Wheelson on Ashika Island or Building 21? We’ve got you covered! Warzone 2 Season 2 is well underway, and DMZ fans enjoy the new content despite some issues with overpowered AI bots and crashing. This DMZ Electric Sheep mission guide explains how to Hack the Wheelson and where to find it.

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DMZ Electric Sheep, Hack the Wheelson Guide
DMZ Wheelson Location Ashika Island

Where to Find Wheelson on Ashika Island, DMZ Electric Sheep Mission

Season 2 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been quite generous for DMZ fans, with new missions, new POIs, a new faction, and a brand new map – Ashika Island. When it comes to the new faction – the Crown – their missions are currently only available to those who own COD MW2. Hence, they are not a part of the free-to-play DMZ experience. However, if you own MW2 and love DMZ, you are most likely already working on completing these missions. One of the missions for the Crown faction is called “Electric Sheep”. Here we need to hack Hack the Wheelson on Ashika Island or Building 21.

We recommend doing this on Ashika Island. The new map is intense, but not as intense as Building 21. So, where to find the Wheelson on Ashika and complete the DMZ Electric Sheep mission? The Wheelson is a small motorized and weaponized robot driving around the map on his six wheels and attacking everyone on sight. To find the Wheelson, you’ll need to go to the Tsuki Castle point of interest. The coordinates are F5 and G5, around the centre of the map.

When there, you will need to be highly cautious. Not only there’s a lot of the Shadow Company Soldiers there, but the Wheelson is a scary adversary, and it can easily melt you down quickly. Hence, the best course of action here is to join forces with some players and deal with the robot together. Once you destroy the robot, simply approach it and interact with it to hack it. And that’s how you complete the DMZ Electric Sheep mission.

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