MW2 Gold Camo Challenges Not Showing, Can't Unlock Gold Skin

Are your Gold Camo challenges not showing up in MW2? Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is now finally here, and players can’t wait to grind for their fancy camos and skins. In the previous Call of Duty games, some of the most prestigious camos were Gold Camos, which players can unlock by completing a set of challenges. However, it seems that Gold Camo’s challenges are currently bugged. For some, MW2 Gold Camo Challenges don’t show up, for others challenges are not tracking and progressing. Finally, some players are unable to equip MW2 gold camos. In our guide, we explain how to equip Gold Camo in Modern Warfare 2 and how to unlock them.

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MW2 Gold Camo Challenges Not Showing, Can't Unlock Gold Skin
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MW2 Gold Camo Challenges not Registering, Can’t Unlock Gold Skin

When first revealed, many players were happy to see that this time around, Gold Camos will be unlockable relatively fast. First reports indicated that players should expect to spend around four hours per Gold Camo to unlock it, which is much less time compared to previous COD games. True, some didn’t like this, as they thought this chips off the prestige quality of these skins. However, there’s currently an annoying bug related to Gold Camos in MW2. Namely, it seems that players are unable to unlock them. Or, to be more precise, MW2 Gold Camo Challenges are not showing for some players.

Why is this happening? Well, the challenges are still there, it’s just that they are not appearing for some reason. For example, to unlock the M4 gold camo, you’ll need to complete the “Get 3 kills without dying 10 times” challenge. It doesn’t show up, but you can still complete it and you’ll unlock the M4 gold camo. Now, there’s another problem here. Many players can’t select and equip their Gold Camo in MW2. This is because there is a mouse bug currently. Hovering with the mouse over Camos or challenges will not work. Rather, you will have to use a controller or your keyboard to manually select the camo. With that said, that’s all you need to know about the “MW2 Gold Camo Challenges Not Showing” bug.



  1. M

    almost went back and uninstalled and reinstalled the game. you’ve saved me hours.

    1. J

      same here, thank you!

  2. A

    It just doesnt even work for me, all 4 haev been completed but It shows the gold as not completed.

    1. I

      Same here. I have the same problem. All of the 4 challenges are done but the gold is still locked. Damn this game came with tons of bugs :||||

      1. A

        i had that problem to but i realized that you have to still to a unknown challenge in matches to unlock it and there is a bar that fills up and its different for most guns. You complete it then it will show what you have to do to unlock it but it doesn’t tell you unless you complete another challenge on top of the 4 you already completed.

        1. A

          I have the platinum for the smgs but the challenge to get the emblem and calling card still hasn’t unlocked even though it says I got all 100 kills with the gold equipped

  3. A

    I unlocked the Urban Renewal camo but its not letting me progress too gold camo because its still locked what do I do?

  4. N

    I completed all the 4 camos, its still not letting my progress to gold camo because its locked.

    1. G
      Gabriel "f4bihype"

      For me aswell, but as “Nikola” said up there we can do the challenges even if its not showing 4 us.

    2. N
      Notcaught Fan

      To unlock gold, you have to get 3 kills 10 times without dying. With every weapon once you get the 4 unlocked. Or get a bloodthirsty 10 times without dying.

  5. G
    Gabriel "f4bihype"

    Thanks! I was almost unistalling the game…

    for me the gold challenge has a “white square”

  6. G
    Gavin Rodriguez

    Anyone know a fix for this?

  7. T

    I unlocked gold and got the required 100 kills with it. Why is the “Gold Mastery” not unlocked?

    1. F

      i unlocked the gold camo and cant even equip it

      1. Read the article, it says what you need to do 🙂 The mouse won’t work, use a controller or a keyboard to select the camo.

  8. K

    For me i unlocked my gold camo for my knife and i did the 100 kills with the camo equipped but the gold Mastery is not unlocking.

    1. N

      same here, gold camo works, but after i got the 100 kills for knife gold camo mastery, i didnt get the icon and the card

      1. D

        Same here

  9. I

    Gold camo is unlocked but I cant use it now. What the hell is goin on with this game xDDDDD

  10. G
    Golden Arm

    Okay so I did all the challenges they are all there. Gold should be unlocked but it has a green bar like the other mastery camos and I tried the controller thing and manual with keyboard still doesnt work

  11. D

    Ive unlocked the gold but after getting the 100 kills with the gold it wont let me do anything else to get the other camos

  12. S
    simple fix

    Just plug in a controller and it works and then you can go back to your mouse.

  13. W

    My Bug is the last challenge is not tracking, I have 9 of 10 on 3 with out dying but it wont track the last one. I have 8 of 9 AR’s unlocked. Its as if since i got the 8th Gold camo for AR the palatium challenge is now tracking for AR now and won’t let the last AR unlock.

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