MW2 Raid Assignment Challenges Bugged

Are MW2 Raid Assignment Challenges bugged, and you are not getting a Raid Assignment upon completing them? You’re far from being the only one with this issue! Raids are brand new 3-player co-op missions where players can experience unique stories with friends and collect lucrative rewards. However, many players currently can’t access it as they don’t know how to get a Raid Assignment. Apparently, Raid Assignment challenges don’t track and don’t work for many players. Read on as we explain what we know about this issue and how to get a Raid Key.

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MW2 Raid Assignment Challenges Bugged

How to Get Raid Assignment in Modern Warfare 2

With the release of the Season 1 Reloaded update, Modern Warfare 2 has received its very first raid co-op mission. Along with two other players, gamers will visit Atomgrad in this highly intensive Special Ops mission. However, to access the mission and play it, all three players must have a Raid Assignment. These Raid Assignments are a sort of ticket or a Raid key that unlocks access to the mode. You can earn them in various ways by completing Raid Assignment Challenges:

  • Place within the top 20 in a Warzone 2 battle royale match to earn the Assignment.
  • Extract on the Fourth Chopper with at least $30,000 in DMZ
  • Complete Daily Challenges in Co-Op or multiplayer.

It sounds easy enough if you know what you are doing. However, keep in mind two things. First, although the in-game description says “completing Daily Challenges”, that’s a bit deceiving. Namely, it will not count just any Daily Challenge. Instead, you will have to complete a Daily with a “Raid Assignment” icon near it instead of the XP reward. Check out our image below to understand which Challenges will give you a Raid Assignment.

How to Get Raid Assignment in Modern Warfare 2
Complete this type of Daily Challenge to get a Raid Assignment in MW2.

The second thing you need to know is that Raid Challenges are currently quite bugged. Some players report finishing a match of Warzone outside of the top 20 and still receiving a Raid Assignment. Other players report completing the unique Raid Assignment Challenge, but the game is not tracking it. Finally, some say that even DMZ and Warzone 2 challenges don’t reward you a Raid Assignment even if you fulfil the requirements. To the best of your knowledge, there is currently no fix for this “MW2 Raid Assignment Challenges not tracking” bug. If we stumble upon a workaround, we will make sure to update the article.

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  1. M
    Mark Young

    I have earned a raid assignment in Mw 2 but do not know how to use it

    1. You are granted access to Raid co-op missions in MW2. You can play them either with randoms online or with your friends. It’s a 3-player story-focused co-op mode.

  2. M

    literally cant load it had a squad of 3 and every time I press launch it sends me back to the multiplayer menu.

    1. K
      Kaiehu D

      Same problem today

    2. L
      Luke Aucoin

      Dude same

    3. M

      Same here. I’m bout to delete this MFer

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