MW2 No Supported DXGI Adapter Were Found Error Fix

Now that Modern Warfare 2 has been out for a while, it’s safe to say that the game has been a smash hit. But even though CoDMW2 has done very well commercially, players have had to deal with many bugs and other such problems. One of the latest such issues comes in the form of the cryptic No Supported DXGI Adapter Were Found error. So what is this MW 2 DXGI Adapter error about and is there anything you can do on your end to resolve it? Luckily, there is indeed a fix for the MW2 No Supported DXGI Adapter Were Found Error, and we are going to show you how to repair this problem and what causes it in the first place.

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MW2 No Supported DXGI Adapter Were Found Error Fix
MW2 No Supported DXGI Adapter Were Found Error Fix

How to Fix No Supported DXGI Adapter Were Found in MW2

Now, despite how scary this error may sound the first time you received it – there’s no need to worry. Your computer and hardware are fine and there’s no cause for alarm. The source of this error actually has to do with your GPU’s drivers being out of date. Since CoDMW2 is such a graphically-intensive and visually advanced game, it’s only to be expected that it also requires the latest drivers in order to work as intended.

So the next step is to update your GPU drivers to the latest version. If you have an Nvidia device, go here, and here’s the link for AMD devices. Once you have updated your drivers, you may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect. After restarting your device, launch MW2 again. The game should now launch and work as intended. And, since you now have the latest drivers, there’s even a good chance that your game will now work better as well.

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