Modern Warfare 2 Prison Break Rope Bug Solution

The Modern Warfare 2 Prison Break rope bug solution is something you might need while playing this mission. Basically, you’re supposed to go down a rope, but you’ll keep getting sniped due to a horrible glitch. Luckily, there is a way to get around it. It’s not a perfect solution, but it does work and has worked for a lot of people. So, here’s what you have to do.

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modern warfare 2 prison break rope bug solution
Modern Warfare 2 Prison Break Rope Bug Solution

How to Solve Prison Break Rope Bug in Modern Warfare 2

There is one way that you can try and solve the Modern Warfare 2 Prison Break rope bug. It doesn’t involve restarting the mission or the game, which is nice. You won’t have to lose progress in a mission that’s already on the more difficult side. The game is so very broken at the moment, but it is what it is. What you have to do is hide in the tower in the corner after you blow up the vehicles. It’s the little room that’s full of weapons. Wait there until the other men start rappelling down the rope. You can wait in the room until all but one are standing at the rope. At that point, run to the rope as if your life depended on it, because it does.

So, yeah, that’s how you can solve the rope bug in the Prison Break mission in COD Modern Warfare 2. It’s not a perfect workaround, mind you. It might still take few tries before you finally succeed. Hopefully, the developers are going to fix this step at some point. Until then, you have to let everyone down the rope then sprint like you’ve never sprant before. It’s beyond annoying, but it is ultimately doable. Another thing you can do to help yourself out is to lower the difficulty, possibly all the way down to Easy. Just pause the game and change the difficulty from there. I know, nobody likes to do this, but it’s for the purpose of getting around a bug. You’re free to ramp it back up after you’re done with the rope.

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  1. B

    Tried this at least ten times and can’t get it to work. No matter where in the room I sit, the squad never repels (I waited a very long time) and ghost keeps telling me to get on the rope

    1. A
      Annoyed rope repeller

      Exactly the same is happening to me, no matter how many times I try, the game is broke!

      1. J

        Have you guys found a workaround yet?

    2. M

      You can do it by throwing smokes or flushes at the team. Then they will be getting down

      1. D

        you life saver i love you so much

      2. J

        Beat this on veteran during the early access week went to play through on realism and stuck at this exact spot. You can not use smoke to make it to the rope you die 2 steps out of the room even with smoke there is 0 chance to make it as the ai has perfect aim and thier rounds pass through the metal barrier like it was made of butter.

    3. R

      Came across this article accidentally..but did exactly that without intel

  2. C

    What I did was after detonating I layer down and waited for them to move then wait until everyone except price is on the rope and then jump up and spam square. Worked on the 5th try.

  3. A

    Anything?! Paid $100 for this and nothing works lmao

  4. D

    That work around does not work.. making it to the rope is not the problem. It gives you no interaction ability to descend down the rope run by it, jump up and down on it. Nothing.

    1. S

      Hide in tower for like 2 minutes then a guy will climb up rope and everyone else will descent then u go

    2. J

      Even though theynare yelling at you to go first…. you can not go till everyone except Cpt. Price has left… not that you will live to make it to the rope on realism. It is literally impossible! Nothing will save you smoke is a joke.

  5. A

    So I figured a workaround no need to sit in the back room and run for your life anymore.. after you take everyone out and he tells you to get down the rope you need to lay at gaz’s feet door side not rope side hug the outer wall lay there for a little for some reason the allies haven’t all evacuated and take a little while to finally get there..last guy probably gets stuck on something anyways once he comes they will all start going down the rope be sure to stick to the wall and not get pushed into the open or the ghost snipers will kill you when it’s just your and capt p get up quick and spam the X button if your on console and whatever button it is on PC after 25 times doing this part I finally figured it out lol I also reported the but to activision hopefully they fix it before the 28th.

    1. S

      Thanks this is the only way that worked for me running from the tower got me shot everytime

  6. A
    A Grateful Gamer

    I was getting really mad at this post and was legit going to cross 100 deaths cus’ I’m playing on veteran difficulty, so I was zooming to the rope while playing “Let’s Get It Started” by Black Eyes Peas because the run for your life reminded me of a TikTok

    1. S
      Side Note:

      For those who are having trouble, when you run to the rope to rappel down, SLIDE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE

  7. S

    before you ascend up the rope after Price shoots down the helicopter, Rudolfo needs to be there. If he is not next to the rope when you ascend, the game soft locks and prevents you from going down the rope at the end. After you detonate the last explosives on the APC, Rudolfo will go up the rope and it will let you progress through the level.
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  8. O
    Oh-boy-it’s me

    Found what is wrong. You are waiting for Rodolfo. Wait for him to arrive and come up the rope and you can then leave

    1. N

      Yep this is the reason – so dumb

  9. N

    This is literally the dumbest crap. Eff you activision. I’ve tried all of the above, and no matter what I get killed by invisible god damn snipers. Please tell me the person who made this level is fired. What a fu**ing dumbs***.

  10. W

    This really is the stupidest bug in a while.. GJ.

  11. A

    Another way that worked for me was to stay lied down in the ‘middle’ of the crowd of friendlies, behind the longer part of the shielded barrier after all the ‘visible ‘ enemies were gone. That way you are covered by the barrier from the side and on the front and back by your comrades who take the hit for you (with infinite hp). Then I waited there until the rest started to move, its a much shorter distance to the rope, you basically just have to get up and grab the rope once it is unlocked by the friendly npc’s.

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