Gotham Knights Tricorner Island Fast Travel Location

In games that feature this system, fast travel has always been one of the most important traversal options. However, in many games, before you can use fast travel, you first need to unlock it. Some games lock this behind plot progression, while others require that you complete certain in-game tasks before you receive this option. Gotham Knights, for example, has you scan drones so that you can unlock fast travel in that area. In this guide, we are going to take a look at Tricorner Island in Gotham Knights, and how to unlock fast travel to that location.

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Gotham Knights Tricorner Island Fast Travel location
Gotham Knights Tricorner Island Fast Travel location

Where to Find Tricorner Island Fast Travel Drone Location in Gotham Knights

Gotham is a large (fictional) city, and it has several areas for you to visit and undertake missions and challenges in. One of these is Tricorner Island. To unlock Fast Travel to this area, you will need to find and scan two Security Drones. The problem is that they are constantly flying around and it can be difficult to get into a good position from which you can scan them. Scanning takes a couple of seconds, during which you need to keep your reticle on the drone. If you fail this, then you need to start scanning from the beginning.

Luckily for you, we’ve found two excellent spots where you can easily scan the drones as they fly by. The first of these is atop a water tower. Simply climb to the top and wait until the drone flies near you. The second spot is on a large warehouse near the water tower. This is where we managed to scan the other drone. We have both of these locations marked in our screenshot gallery down below. And while we didn’t scan the drones from there, another good spot might be the top of the cathedral there.

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