Stuck on Recon by Fire MW2 Bug Solution

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a very large and complex game. As such, it, unfortunately, has its fair share of bugs (at least at the moment). One of the missions that is giving players the most trouble is the ninth mission – Recon by Fire. There are many possible problems with this mission and players can get stuck in several places. These include: when you need to find a way into the tunnels, being stuck at the eliminate all guards step, the vehicle guards not leaving, and if you can’t open the container. Luckily, we have the solution for all of these Recon by Fire MW2 bugs, so you will no longer be stuck in this mission. Here’s the solution for all of these bugs, one problem at a time.

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Stuck at Recon by Fire MW2 Bug Solution
Stuck on Recon by Fire MW2 Bug Solution

CoD Modern Warfare 2 No Objective, Find a Way Into the Tunnels Bug Solution

At a certain point in the mission, you will have the option of going to clear out the garage or the living quarters building. This bug occurs if you have chosen to do the garage first. To fix this, go into the living quarters and look for a washing machine there. Interact with it and the mission should then progress as normal. We’d like to thank Reddit user creativename87639 for coming up with this solution.

Stuck on Eliminate All Guards MW2 Recon By Fire

What to do if you are stuck at the “Eliminate All Guards” part of the mission? There are two possibilities here. Either you haven’t really eliminated all the guards, with a group of guards being under the truck, busy fixing it. If that is the case, look there and eliminate them to proceed. But, there is also the chance that the game has bugged out and a group of enemies that was supposed to spawn in – hasn’t. In that case, the only thing you can do is to restart from the last checkpoint. This should fix the problem and get those enemies to appear.

Vehicle Guards Not Leaving in MW2 Recon by Fire Bug Fix

When the guards start patrolling the fields, you are supposed to wait it out until they go back to their car and leave. However, sometimes this won’t happen and they will stay. If this happens, don’t worry, you can dispatch them without any consequences. This won’t affect the “Nobody Was There” Achievement, since it only applies to the sniping portions of the mission.

Fix Can’t Open Container in Recon by Fire MW2

Finally, if you can’t open the container, there is a very easy fix for this – just restart from the last checkpoint, and you should be able to open it then.

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