Cookie Run Kingdom Halloween Bingo Answers 2022

Knowing all the correct Halloween Bingo Answers in Cookie Run Kingdom will certainly make your life easier as you will not need to waste your stamps on trial and error. The Halloween event in Cookie Run Kingdom has just kicked off, and with it, the Bingo game is back! Just like during the Springtime event, you’ll need to use your stamps in order to make the correct shapes in 5×5 fields. In our guide, we explain how to find the Hat, the Dumbbell, and the Candy Fork in Cookie Run: Kingdom Halloween Bingo Challenge.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Halloween Bingo Answers 2022

Halloween Bingo Answers in Cookie Run Kingdom

The Cookie Run Kingdom Halloween is filled to the brim with interesting content. Daily Bingo Challenge cards are particularly tricky challenges to complete. Each day, you’ll get a new Halloween Bingo Card to fill in with your stamps. Some will require you to simply make rows, others will ask you to create a given shape, while the third type will ask you to find something specific within the field.

If some of these tasks are giving you trouble, don’t worry, we might have a solution for you. In particular, we have the “complete 3 rows” puzzle answer, the “find the hat” challenge answer, the “find the Dumbbell” challenge solution, and how to “make a candy fork“. To complete three rows, our solution provides the minimum usage of stamps, as all three rows use the same corner. It is important to note that rows, columns, and diagonals are the same in the Halloween Bingo for the purpose of this challenge.

Secondly, find the hat Halloween Bingo challenge. You just need to create a top hat shape as seen in the image below. The same goes for the Dumbbell challenge. Once you know what you are doing the rest will be easy. You can see this one below as well. Finally, you can see the Candy Fork shape in the screenshot. For now, that’s all we know, but we will make sure to share more Cookie Run Kingdom Halloween Bingo Answers 2022 as we find them.

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