Who Leads Shadow Company MW2, Valeria Correct Answers

Looking for correct answers to Valeria’s questions in the El Sin Nombre mission in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign? We’ve got you covered! The Modern Warfare 2 campaign is now out in early access, and hundreds of thousands of players around the world are enjoying the story (minus all the bugs). In one of the first missions, Valeria will interrogate you in Diego’s house. And, you’ll need to provide the correct answers. Many players are not sure what’s the correct answer to the “Who Leads Shadow Company” MW2 question. Read on as we provide all three correct answers to Valeria’s questions.

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Who Leads Shadow Company MW2, Valeria Correct Answers
Who Leads Shadow Company in Modern Warfare 2?

Who Leads Shadow Company in Modern Warfare 2?

At the very beginning of the El Sin Nombre mission in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, Diego will capture Soap (you) and bring him into the basement for interrogation. Right before that, Alejandro will tell you that you need to “give them good intel in there”. He stresses that you must not lie and “tell them everything they want to know”, or you’ll die.

And you don’t want to die, so you better do as he says. This will allow you to later infiltrate the second floor of the house and search for what you need. If you haven’t followed the story closely prior to this moment, knowing the correct answers to Valeria’s questions in the Modern Warfare 2 camping might be tricky. Luckily for you, we have all the answers right here, listed below:

  • Question 1: Who attacked us?
  • Answer: It was Mexican Special Forces.
  • Question 2: There were outsiders helping the Mexican Special Forces…Who were they?
  • Answer: American PMCs. Shadow Company.
  • Question 3: Who leads the Shadow Company?
  • Answer: Phillip Graves.
  • Question 4: What does he want?
  • Answer: Missiles.

So there you have it, all the correct answers for the El Sin Nombre mission in Modern Warfare 2. The “Who leads the Shadow Company” was the most problematic question for many, and the answer is Phillip Graves. Hope this helps, and have fun playing the rest of the game!

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