MW2 Violence and Timing Board APC and Slow Truck Bug Solutions

COD MW2 campaign early access is finally here! Unfortunately, the experience is currently plagued by numerous bugs. In particular, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 “Violence and Timing” mission is riddled with bugs. Objectives near the end – “Board the APC to stop it” and “Reach the front of the Convoy” seems to be broken for many players. The same goes for the controls, as it seems trucks are slowing down randomly. Finally, for some the part with the drones never initiate. Read on as we explain how to fix all these bugs in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

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MW2 Violence and Timing Board APC and Slow Truck Bug Solutions

MW2 Board the APC to Stop it Bug Solution in Violence and Timing

One of the most annoying bugs for a number of players happens near the end of the mission. The “Board the APC to stop it” simply doesn’t work for many players. And the same goes when trying to climb to Price’s truck. Players would press the button to “Climb to Roof” while next to APC, but instead of hopping onto it, the mission would fail over and over again with the “Laswell’s Captors Escaped” message.

While there’s no universal solution here, many players who have encountered this bug say that restarting the mission and using only pickup vehicles has worked for them. It is annoying, but try restarting and see if that helps with boarding the enemy APC. And remember, use only pickup trucks, as a number of players confirmed that the game doesn’t bug out here if you use only pickups.

Another bug just before this mission has players unable to “Reach the front of the Convoy”. Unfortunately, this is currently an unsolvable bug and the only solution is to reset the mission and try again. At the time of writing, we don’t know about the conditions that will make this bug appear. It simply works or doesn’t work at random. If you have a solution, share it with us in the comments!

MW2 Violence and Timing Slow Truck Solution

The second bug is related to the controls when you are driving one of the hijacked vehicles. Namely, the game tells you to use R1 to accelerate and L1 for reverse driving. If your truck goes super slow causing you to lose the objective, that is because even the controls bug out during this mission! As reported by some players, switching R1 and R2 should do the trick here. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm this, as we haven’t encountered this bug.

This is particularly important if the game fails to progress in a part with the drones. For some players, the part that has drones doesn’t work, and they are stuck driving until the mission eventually fails. A supposed solution here is to simply drive slower “until you get into an open field to take out the launcher guy” as explained by YouTube user Slim Him.



  1. T

    You don’t need to restart the whole mission. If it doesn’t let you get onto the APC at first. Jump off and make sure the next time you respawn you are in a pickup truck and it will work.

    1. J
      Jonas Dixon

      Cannot board the APC at the end. Tried multiple vehicles, restarting the checkpoint, restarting the entire mission multiple times. Blown away by this level of game breaking bugs at release. What is going on with the hiring at these triple A companies now? We never used to have problems at this scale in the past.

  2. J

    If you are getting the bug where it makes you fall off when climbing to the roof… come to a complete stop in your vehicle and then climb to roof, it fixed the bug for me

  3. J

    It never matters which vehicle I choose hijacking any vehicle causes the mission to fail because I’m unable to use the accelerator. Staying on the first truck just keeps pace behind the convoy. I’m on Xbox. Activision probably wants to make sure there were no high expectations for this game from the start

    1. J

      PS4 same problem doesnt matter what truck neither accelerate. Can believe I paid this much money for this.

      1. Y

        I’m having the same issue on my PS. My brother bought the game and he’s having the same issue also. Sucks they haven’t fixed these bugs yet.

  4. E
    Enis Zitouni

    If you’re on Console, try to switch R1 and R2/. RT/RB if your vehicle drives too slow, i had the same issue right now and fixed it that Way!

    1. L

      Do you mean switch r1 (flip) r2 on the settings or just try switching with out doing so in controller settings?

  5. C

    New Bug! No grenade launcher after jumping to
    . Tells me to grab the grenade launcher but there’s no grenade launcher..

    1. J

      The Grenade Launcher is in the back of the Captian, hanging from his backpack

  6. F

    I get to the part where I’m in a truck trying to avoid landlines, but either I avoid the nines and Lazwell’s captors escape me, or I got too many mines, and there’s no vehicles for me to hijack to finish. This is a monumentally fouled-up level, and I’m sick of great games being so damn unplayable because of bugs or designed in a way that it’s so one-sided in favour of the game, you can’t physically beat it! Does my head in!!!

  7. J

    I get to the front of the Convoy and the APC never appears, It does it time after time. It’s frustrating because the mission is hard enough, when it fails to jump to other trucks. But when you finally eliminate all AQs there is no APC at the front!!!

    1. J

      I ran into the same issue and you need to make sure you elimnate all of the enemies in the convoy earlier. In many cases, if you die during the run you respawn ahead of those guys so you need to wait for them to pass you.

      1. R

        Dude thank you so much this was the only fix

  8. P

    I can get on the APC from a lorry, kill the guy and plant the explosive charge, but I can’t jump to the other vehicle as it is too far away.
    I can jump off the APC but but I die when I hit the ground. I then spawn again but only get about 3 or 4 seconds before I die, either if I stay put or jump off. There is no way out of it, as I die every time. I tried selecting the Last Checkpoint, but I still spawn on the APC and I die.

    Any ideas?

  9. D
    Derrick Lawter

    I get on to the pick up after dropping down from the chopper. My Vehicle is busted and won’t get anywhere. I’ve tried jumping back over to big vehicle but I can’t catch up to price or the convoy. I’ve tried numerous vehicles and strategies only to fail over and over. I’ve restarted the mission several times as well.

  10. B
    b bt

    Can’t get on the APC, can’t even get close to it. In a pick-up (after failing a hundred times in a truck) but however much I swerve and dodge the APC fire I get destroyed. Playing on Rookie, and have died over 20 times so far. Just want to give up, but I paid money for this game. Never again.

  11. A

    How do i do that

  12. B

    Jumped on to the bigger vehicle not the pickup truck for the apc and it worked the first time after failing multiple times with the pickup

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