Your Data is Corrupt or Didn't Download Properly CoD MW2

The latest season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is here. This new season brings the usual assortment of new content and challenges to keep the game fresh and exciting. However, some players have gotten a very troubling error message instead. It reads: “Your data is corrupt or didn’t download properly. You must reset your rank and unlocks to continue. [Reason: NIAMEY – LOGAN]”. But what does this mean and do you really need to lose all of your progress in the game if you want to continue playing it? We are going to take a look at why the Your Data is Corrupt or Didn’t Download Properly error is occurring in CoD MW2 and whether there is anything you can do to fix this issue.

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Your Data is Corrupt or Didn't Download Properly CoD MW2
Your Data is Corrupt or Didn’t Download Properly CoD MW2

How to Fix CoD MW2 Your Data is Corrupt or Didn’t Download Properly Error

To begin with, it depends on which gaming platform you are getting this error. If you are receiving it on the PS5, the devs recommend that you open up Quick Settings (via the options button) and then immediately exit these settings. Doing this should get you back to the correct menu and enable you to continue playing the game. Now, as for PC users, it doesn’t appear that there is a solution for this. At least, not yet.

This error has been around for a while now, and the devs still haven’t addressed it on the PC. However, the good news is that the odds of you actually losing all of your progress is very low. While the error message looks very concerning, there’s no cause for alarm. The best course of action is to simply wait it out, since issues such as this usually crop up whenever there is a new update to the game. And in case the problem is persisting, you should contact CoD MW2 support for further assistance.

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