DMZ Scavenger Calling Card Mission

If you are looking for the DMZ Scavenger Calling Card locations, you are definitely not alone! Season 3 has just dropped, and if you are a DMZ fan, you’re going to like it! Yet again, we are getting a new faction with three tiers of missions. However, this time around, the new faction is free, and everyone can enjoy it. If you don’t know where to find Scavenger Calling Cards in DMZ, here’s what we know about them.

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DMZ Scavenger Calling Card Mission

Where to Find Scavenger Calling Cards in DMZ

The Warzone 2 Season 3 update has introduced a brand new faction to DMZ. However, we don’t yet exactly know their name, as in-game it simply says “Redacted”. This is a part of the story, and we’re bound to discover the name eventually. For now, they are simply the “redacted” faction. One of their Tier 1 missions is called Scavenger Calling Card.

“There’s a man we don’t have much intel on – the Scavenger. He’s been spotted multiple times on the AO scavenging supplies off of KIA operators. Surveillance reports he leaves some kind of note at his scavenging targets. Use them to track and eliminate the target”

Hence, where to find the Scavenger? As you play, at one point, the game will inform you that “Multiple operators have gone MIA in your area. Their last known locations are marked on your TAC map”. And that’s when you’ll need to look for him. If you check your map, you’ll see a faint red circle. Check out our map below so that you know how it looks.

Thus, head to the circle area and look for the operators’ backpacks. If you look in the backpack, you’ll find the Scavenger’s calling card in the spot where the player’s dog tags are supposed to be. Collect three of them, and you’ve completed the first part of the mission.

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