Acquire Crane Control Room Key, DMZ Unearthed

Unearthed is a Tier 3 White Lotus mission in CoD: Warzone 2. It consists of three steps. You first need to acquire a key from the Crane Control Room in Al Safwa Quarry. After that, you then have to unlock the Crane Building Base. And finally, extract the Quarry Operations Folder from the Crane Control Room itself. Since this is a very difficult mission, we’re here to explain the best way to acquire the Crane Control Room Key and the other two steps so that you can complete the DMZ Unearthed mission without too much trouble.

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Acquire Crane Control Room Key, DMZ Unearthed
Acquire Crane Control Room Key, DMZ Unearthed

Acquire a Key from the Crane Control Room in Al Safwa Quarry DMZ Unearthed

The first step towards completing Unearthed necessitates that you get the Crane Control Room from the Al Safwa Quarry. You can find it as a random drop, but you will increase your chances of getting it by taking out high-priority targets in that location. Another way that you can use to acquire this key is to wait and then claim the Supply Drop that occurs around 8 minutes before the end. These often contain hard-to-obtain keys such as this.

Unlock the Crane Building Base DMZ

Once you have the key itself, the next step is to head to the Crane Building Base and use it to open the door there. We have marked the location where you need to go in our screenshots below. When you open the room, don’t forget to pick up the Quarry Operations Folder. Now, since bugs are an unfortunate part of Warzone 2, it can happen that you get the Crane Control Room Key, but the game bugs out and you lose it.

What you can do then is to have a fellow player glitch you through the door by ramming you with an LTV vehicle. Note that this only applies in cases where you have already gotten the key. If you haven’t and the game has not yet registered that this first step is complete, then you will still need to find it to be able to complete the Unearthed mission.

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    This game has so many glitches and bugs. Just did this mission and extracted with the documents and it didn’t count

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