DMZ Al Bagra Underground Key Location

In Call of Duty: Warzone, you will get many keys across the game. Sometimes, you will get these as mission rewards, while other times you’ll come across them on the map. No matter how you get them, the next step is always going to be to figure out where you need to use them and what they unlock. The Al Bagra Underground Key is one such key, and it is one of the most worthwhile keys in the entire game, with some excellent rewards you can get out of it. We’re going to show you the exact DMZ Al Bagra Underground Key unlock location and explain everything that you need to be aware of there so that you can quickly claim all of this loot for yourselves.

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DMZ Al Bagra Underground Key Unlock Location
DMZ Al Bagra Underground Key Unlock Location

Where to Find Al Bagra Underground Key Unlock Location

Once you have this key, what you want to do next is to head to the Al Bagra Fortress. Specifically, the southernmost tip of that location. Once there, you’re going to see a large tunnel that leads inside the rockface. We have marked both the precise location and the entrance in the screenshots below. After arriving at this spot, use the Al Bagra Underground Key to unlock the gate and go inside.

However, there are a couple of things that you need to know about this place. First off, when you open the door, this will set off an alarm. This alarm will not only notify the AI guards there, but also any players that are nearby. The guards are heavily armored, so the best strategy here is to go in with a squad mate, so that you can quickly clear out all the enemies – both guards and enemy players. But it’s very much worth it to do this, since this place has a lot of fantastic loot for you to get.

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