Activate UAV Tower DMZ Warzone 2

The new DMZ mode in Warzone 2 has players completing various missions across the vast areas of the Al Mazrah map. This unique extraction-type mode, not unlike Escape from Trakov, has so far proven to be really popular among players, as it offers a new and unique experience. However, given that many players haven’t played this type of game before, there’s bound to be some confusion. In this guide, we explain how to activate UAV 1 Tower in DMZ Warzone 2 as a part of the “Al-Qatala Information” mission.

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Activate UAV Tower DMZ Warzone 2

How to activate UAV Tower in DMZ Warzone 2

So, how to actually activate a UAV Tower in DMZ? We need this in order to complete the “Al-Qatala Information” mission for the Legion faction. Truth be told, this task is quite simple and straightforward. However, what has many players confused is that they don’t actually know what UAV Tower is in DMZ. Thus, they don’t know what to look for across Al Mazrah.

Like with many other locations in DMZ, you’ll need to use your map in order to find it. Now, the trick here is to zoom in properly. Because not every map marker will appear if the map is zoomed out. There are tons of POIs and it can be hard to find the one you need. And for this, we actually need to look for a white radar tower icon. You can check out our image to see how it looks. There are 16 UAV towers in Al Mazrah. Thus, make sure to find the one closest to you when you spawn, as it lowers the chances that you’ll encounter someone there.

Once you reach the UAV tower, simply interact with the laptop, and you’ll complete the “activate 1 UAV Tower” task. Upon activation, some NPCs will appear with which you’ll need to deal. With that said, our guide is completed.

 How to Activate UAV Tower DMZ Warzone 2
This is how a UAV Tower look on your tac-map in DMZ (Click to Enlarge)
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