How to Get Miraidon Pokemon Violet

Pokemon video games have a long tradition of including transportation vehicles – usually in the form of a bicycle – for the main character. This way, your Trainer can get around much faster. Pokemon Scarlet takes this a step further and provides you with Miraidon – a Legendary Pokemon that you can also drive as a bike. If you are wondering how to get Miraidon in Pokemon Violet, we’re going to show you everything you need to know about how to obtain, drive, and catch it.

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How to Get Miraidon Pokemon Violet
How to Get Miraidon Pokemon Violet

How to Get Miraidon Motorcycle in Pokemon Violet

First off, Miraidon is only obtainable in Pokemon Violet. If you own Pokemon Scarlet, you are going to get Koraidon instead. But let’s get back to Miraidon. You won’t need to wait long to get this futuristic Legendary Pokemon, as you will encounter it fairly early in the game, after the “How to Catch Pokemon” Tutorial.

How to Drive Miraidon in Pokemon Violet

After receiving Miraidon, all you need to summon and hop on it is to press the + Button. As soon as you press this Miraidon will appear and you can then get on it and drive around. To get off, simply press the – Button. This will cause Miraidon to disappear, which you will often need to do in order to enter buildings. You can also press the B Button while you are riding Miraidon. Doing this will cause the Legendary Pokemon to jump high into the air. This is very handy when you need to jump over obstacles. Over the course of your playthrough, Miraidon will gain new upgrades. These allow it to then do things such as dash, get across water, and more.

How to Catch Miraidon in Pokemon Violet

To catch Miraidon, you will first need to complete the main game. After you have done that, press the X button to go into the Menu. Once there, you will be asked whether or not you want to be able to use the Legendary Pokemon Miraidon in its Battle Form. Agree, and you will then battle it and have the option of catching it. After doing so, Miraidon is going to be usable in battle just like your other Pokemon.

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