Algae Covered Toolbox Key & Location DMZ Warzone 2

Not sure what to unlock with the Algae Covered Toolbox in MW2’s DMZ? We’ve got you covered! Warzone 2 DMZ mode is full of all kinds of keys to use. For some, it’s obvious what they unlock, but for others, it can be really tricky to find the exact place, door, or item that the key unlocks. For example, many players don’t know where to find the Algae Covered Toolbox in Al Mazrah City. If you are one of these players, read on as we explain where exactly you need to look in order to find this toolbox.

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Algae Covered Toolbox Location DMZ Warzone 2
Where to Use the Algae Covered Toolbox Key in Warzone 2?

Where to Find Algae Covered Toolbox in DMZ Warzone 2

During your missions across Al Mazrah, you’ll stumble upon a key which is covered in “dried algae”. The description says that it is a key to a small toolbox. It also states that this kind of algae is “usually found in the waterways of northeast Al-Mazrah”. Finally, the green part indicates the coordinates we need to visit – F3. Thus, travel to Al Mazrah City and reach the channels. The exact place where you need to go is just north of the Sarwana Hotel. The fact that many players are confused is that the toolbox is not actually somewhere on the surface. Rather, you’ll need to get yourself wet.

Check our images below so that you know the exact spot where you need to be. Once there, dive into the channel, and you’ll spot the Algae Covered Toolbox location at the bottom. Now use your key to unlock it and grab the goods inside. If you don’t see the toolbox immediately, make sure to dive all the way to the bottom and look around a bit. You should be able to spot it if you’ve if you dived into the right place.

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