Ashika Island Contraband Packages Locations

The Salvager mission is divided into two parts. The first one has you searching for contraband packages in Al Mazrah, while the second one requires that you extract the two contraband packages from the sunken ships in Ashika Island in one deployment. Naturally, this is something that is very hard to do – unless you know exactly where to look for these. In order to enable you to find these as quickly as possible, we are going to show you the locations for both of the Contraband Packages on Ashika Island right here in this guide.

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Ashika Island Contraband Packages Locations
Ashika Island Contraband Packages Locations

Extract 2 Contraband Packages in Ashika Island DMZ

To get both of these packages, you need to head to the eastern edge of Ashika Island. Specifically, the two shipwrecked boats there. One Contraband Package can be found on each of these. So, make your way there. The northern boat’s Contraband Package is on top of the boat there. These packages look like bricks, so be careful when looking for them to make sure that you don’t miss them by accident. And now for the southern boat. This time around, the Contraband Package is underwater. Jump into the water in the middle of the ship, and you will find it under a crate there. We have marked the locations of both of these in our screenshot gallery below. And if you are still having trouble finding them, this video should give you a clear idea of where you need to look.

Also, note that you have to find both of these Contraband Packages during the same deployment. If you get just one, it won’t count for the purposes of completing this objective, as you need to acquire both of them. We likewise recommend that you also read our Contraband Packages Locations in Al Mazrah guide to find out how and where these three packages are.

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