DMZ Building 21 Locked, Queue Time & Cooldown Timer Explained

If you are unsure why is Building 21 locked in DMZ, here you’ll find everything you need to know. Not even two days have passed since Building 21 came into Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, and it is already disabled. Naturally, this has confused many players, as they are unsure why they have such long queue times for Building 21. Read on as we explain Building 21 Cooldown Timer in DMZ.

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Building 21 Locked, Queue Time & Cooldown Timer Explained DMZ
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UPDATE: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 2 is live! However, Building 21 is currently locked, and it will be available again in 48 hours.

Why is Building 21 Locked in DMZ, Queue Time Cooldown Timer Explained

The Building 21 area has been live for only 24 hours in DMZ before it was disabled. Many players with access keycards were unpleasantly surprised on Tuesday evening when they saw long queue times for Building 21. But what does this Building 21 cooldown timer mean? Is Building 21 bugged, or is it something else? No, it is not a bug. Namely, the developers disabled Building 21 on Tuesday evening.

“Building 21 has entered lockdown after significant infiltration,” Infinity Ward wrote via Twitter. “Access cards are disabled but will be operational within the week. Prepare accordingly”. So there you have it. The developers have decided to lock Building 21 just 24 hours after its release. At the time of writing, we are unsure if this was planned or if there are some issues, bugs, or balance problems with Building 21 which need to be urgently addressed.

However, the developers have previously stated that the idea behind Building 21 is not to be permanently available but to open its doors from time to time. We are just not sure if they had planned for it to be available just for 24 hours on its first arrival. Some players reported the unlimited access bug, so maybe that’s the reason for Building 21 to be locked temporarily. Whatever the reason for the lockdown, the area should become available again once the Building 21 queue timer reaches zero. We will make sure to update the article once we have more information.

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  1. Z

    “developers have previously stated that the idea behind Building 21 is not to be permanently available but to open its doors from time to time.”
    This is stupid idea only purpose is to get people coming back to the game…. another crap to get as much money as possible from players.

  2. M
    makegamesbetter,like they used to be

    come ooooon, i went in once, then it makes me wait another 90 hours before i cna play again?! what is this??

  3. H

    why would you report the infinte acces bug to activision?

  4. H

    its not fun to farm alot of 21 acces cards!

  5. J

    Building 21 access cards are extremely rare and then the npcs are extremely strong and there are tons of them so this is a horrible idea building 21 access cards should be infinite and this is a new map for DMZ something everyone has been waiting for and they decide it’s only going to be playable once every 5 damn days? What a genuine loser of a company. I’m gonna go play some other game not made by Call of Duty that doesn’t lock me out when I’m having the most fun in a while.

  6. T

    If you’re going to keep it on a timer, then remove the Building 21 objectives from the DMZ mission. It is beyond stupid that I have to grind through that crap to unlock an additional insured, only to be stonewalled on the final requirement because you’ve buried it in a challenge with limited access. Fix it.

  7. M

    i have a buiding 21 card no timer show on the room , but still canot get in the , i paid good money for this game and would like to be able to play the game without having to right , about the poblem of getting into there

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