Cartel Laptop From the Warehouse, DMZ Dark Water

Not sure where to find the Cartel Laptop From the Warehouse in DMZ for the Dark Water faction mission? You’ve come to the right place! Warzone 2 Season 3 is here, and it comes with a host of new features and improvements for DMZ. Of course, there’s also new content in the form of a brand new “redacted” faction. In this guide, we provide the exact location of the Cartel Laptop and the Cartel Warehouse.

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Cartel Laptop From the Warehouse, DMZ Dark Water
DMZ Dark Water Mission Guide

How to Find and Extract the Cartel Laptop From the Warehouse in DMZ Dark Water Mission

Finding and extracting the Cartel Laptop from the Warehouse is the third and final step of the Dark Water mission. Before being able to complete this step, you will need to find a Rebreather and the Cartel Warehouse Key, for which you can check out our separate guide. Now that you have the key, you will first need to extract it, and then start a fresh run on Al Mazrah.

The first thing you must do after the deployment is head to the Hafid Port. That’s because the Cartel Warehouse is located there. The warehouse in question is in the southern part of the Hafid Port. You will find the Cartel Warehouse just behind the several red cargo containers. It is a relatively small building that doesn’t really stand out. Hence, check out our image below to know what you are looking for. Once there, you will spot a door with the white X on it. Use your key to unlock the door. Inside the DMZ Cartel Warehouse, you’ll find several orange chests and some other high-quality loot. Make sure to grab it. Finally, you will find the DMZ Cartel Laptop From the Warehouse on some shelves near the water tank. Refer to the images below so that you better orient yourself.

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