Cartel Warehouse Key Easternmost Sunken Ship, Dark Water DMZ

If you are not sure where to find the Cartel Warehouse Key from the eastern-most Sunken Ship in Al Mazrah, we’ve got you covered! Warzone 2 Season 3 is here, and it comes stacked with new content. This includes a brand new DMZ faction with three tiers of missions. This DMZ Dark Water faction mission guide explains how to complete the second step of the mission.

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Cartel Warehouse Key Easternmost Sunken Ship, Dark Water DMZ
DMZ Dark Water Mission Guide

Where to Find the Cartel Warehouse Key From the Eastern-Most Sunken Ship in Al Mazrah DMZ

The first step of the Dark Water mission requires players to find a Rebreather in DMZ. This one is a little harder to complete, mostly due to the randomness of loot in DMZ. We advise looking around the train, medical cabinets and lockers. Eventually, you will find a Rebreather. This first step of the mission is essential, as you will absolutely need a Rebreather for the next step. That’s because we will need to be underwater for a rather prolonged time, and it will be impossible to stay that long without one.

The ship in question is at the E8 coordinates. It is located southeast of Sawah Village and southwest of Sarrif Bay. On the map, it looks like a small isolated square surrounded by water. Check out our map below for the exact location. Once there, you must dive from the sunken ship’s frontal side. Again, check out our image below, as we’ve marked where you need to dive. Next, you’ll spot a huge hole in the ship’s hull. Enter through it. Remember, you need a Rebreather for this.

Finally, inside, simply look around and loot everything you can. The area is divided into two sections, split by some rocks. You should be able to find the key in a smaller part which is further back. There are some lockers there and a table at the very back. And on the table, you will find the DMZ Cartel Warehouse Key.

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