DMZ Zero Tolerance, Tactical Camera and Sattiq Caves Dead Drop

Zero Tolerance is the final Tier 1 mission for the Redacted faction. It consists of three steps. First, you need to infiltrate Hafid Port. After that, to get a shot of a cartel soldier in a tactical camera. And finally, to find and extract the cartel recon report from the Sattiq Caves dead drop. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get and use the Tactical Camera and where to find the Sattiq Caves dead drop in the DMZ so that you can quickly complete the Zero Tolerance mission.

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DMZ Zero Tolerance, Tactical Camera and Sattiq Caves Dead Drop
DMZ Zero Tolerance, Tactical Camera and Sattiq Caves Dead Drop

Get a Shot of a Cartel Soldier in a Tactical Camera

The first thing that you will need to do here is to find a Tactical Camera. Usually, you would be able to do this pretty easily, as you could equip it as a field upgrade and spawn right into the game with it. However, this option appears to be bugged at the moment, as your field upgrades don’t appear with you. So, until this is fixed, you are going to need to find it. There’s no set location for it, so loot as much as you can until you find it.

After that, head towards Hafid Port. Once there, you will immediately complete the first step of infiltrating it. The place is swarming with cartel members, so it should be easy to take their picture. Throw your Tactical Camera next to one of them, go into the Camera menu, and take a picture.

Find and Extract the Cartel Recon Report from Sattiq Caves Dead Drop

Now that you have completed the first two objectives, it’s time to go to the Sattiq Caves dead drop. We have marked the location of this dead drop in the gallery below. It is in the same location as before, in a dumpster underneath a tarp. Extract this item and then perform a successful exfil to complete the Zero Tolerance mission.

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