Dead Drop in Al Bagra Fortress, DMZ Train Tracks

The Train Tracks mission in the latest season of CoD Warzone 2 starts off with you having to find the nine Tracking Devices that have been hidden at a dead drop in the Al Bagra Fortress. After that, you have to find the cargo train and plant at least five of these trackers on it. If you are unsure where is the DMZ Train Tracks mission Dead Drop location in the Al Bagra Fortress, read on, as we’re going to show you the exact spot where you can get all nine Tracking Devices.

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Dead Drop in Al Bagra Fortress, DMZ Train Tracks
Dead Drop in Al Bagra Fortress, DMZ Train Tracks

Take 9 Tracking Devices From the Dead Drop in Al Bagra Fortress

The first thing that you will need to do is to make your way to the Al Bagra Fortress. The dead drop location you are looking for is in a dumpster at the southeastern part of the location. We’ve marked the precise spot in the screenshot gallery below, so you won’t need to spend too much time wondering where it is. You will find the nine trackers there, so pick them up. The next mission objective is to then find the cargo train. Note that there are two trains here – a passenger one and a cargo one. The one you are looking for is the cargo train. You should be able to easily tell the difference between the two. The passenger train is more modern, with sleeker boxes filled with seats designed for passengers, while the cargo train is an older model locomotive, with square boxes that are meant for cargo transport.

In any case, once you locate the right train, hop onto it. Inside, you will see big wooden boxes. Approach them and interact with them to plant the tracker on top of them. You need to do this for at least five boxes to be able to successfully complete the mission. But there are more than enough boxes here so you should be able to easily do this.

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