How to Feed Panda Shitieshou Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Knowing how feed the Shitieshou panda in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty actually unlocks a hidden mechanic of sorts. These creatures, which are actually friendly demons, eat metal. If you give them what they like to eat, they will reward you. In this guide, we are going to explain how to feed the Shitieshou in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and what to give it.

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how to feed panda shitieshou wo long fallen dynasty
How to Feed Panda Shitieshou Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

How to Feed Shitieshou Panda in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

To feed the Shitieshou in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, aka the demon that looks like a baby panda, you have to drop an item made of metal right in front of them. So, the first step is to walk up to the Shitieshou to the point where you’re touching it. Then, open your inventory and select the item you want to drop. It can be a weapon, a piece of armor, an accessory, an ingot; as long as it’s made of metal, the panda will want it. You do the selecting by pressing X on PlayStation or A on Xbox. From there, select the “drop” option.

After you drop the item on the ground, the Shitieshou will eat it and grant you an accessory in return. It will then proceed to take a nap. As far as we know, you can only make the transaction once per creature. After you feed one panda, you’ll get the “So Cute!” achievement. Find and feed all twenty-three Shitieshous, you will obtain the “How Precious!” trophy.

What to Give Shitieshou in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

You can feed the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Shitieshou panda any metal item, as we’ve already said. Even a paltry level 1 ingot, if you so choose. However, that’s not always the best idea. See, the quality of the accessory the panda gives you as payment for its meal depends on the quality of the item it eats. So, if you drop a four-star item, you’ll receive a four-star accessory in return. It’s a great method to easily get rid of extra stuff that you just don’t want or need and possibly get something useful. That said, the passive stats on the item will be random.

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