DMZ Ashika Beach Club Dead Drop Location - Whistleblower

The Whistleblower mission in CoD Warzone 2 consists of several steps. You first need to find and take the laptop belonging to the governor from the Ashika Island Town Hall. Next, you then have to find the dead drop location at the Ashika Beach Club and place it there. Finally, you then also need to place a screwdriver at that same dead drop spot. This is all fine and good, but where is this dead drop location itself? Well, to help you complete this mission as quickly and efficiently as you can, we’re going to show you where the DMZ Ashika Beach Club Dead Drop Location for the Whistleblower mission can be found.

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DMZ Ashika Beach Club Dead Drop Location - Whistleblower
DMZ Ashika Beach Club Dead Drop Location – Whistleblower

Take the Laptop to the Ashika Beach Club Dead Drop

So, once you have the laptop in your possession, where do you need to go next? Obviously, to the Ashika Beach Club, though this doesn’t tell you the precise spot of where the dead drop is at that location. Once you are at the Beach Club, the place you are looking for there is the gas station. Specifically, the back of the gas station. Go there, and you will see a big dumpster at the back. This is the dead drop location where you are meant to place the laptop at. If you are still unsure about where to look for it, we have marked the exact location where it is, as well as what it looks like, in our screenshot gallery directly below.

Now that you know where the Ashika Beach Club Dead Drop location is, you shouldn’t have too much trouble completing this mission. If you have any other Modern Warfare 2-related issues that you are struggling with, we recommend that you take a look at our latest Warzone 2 guides, such as DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location, DMZ Crash Site Weapon Case Key Unlock Location, and DMZ Weapon Case in Ashika Island.

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