DMZ Weapon Case in Ashika Island

A lot of people are going to want to know how to get the DMZ Weapon Case in Ashika Island, and we’re here to help you. In some ways, it’s the same principle as on the previous maps. However, there are obviously some differences, as well. So, let’s see how it’s supposed to work.

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dmz weapon case in ashika island
DMZ Weapon Case in Ashika Island

How to Get Weapon Case in Ashika Island DMZ

To get the DMZ Weapon Case in Ashika Island, the first spot is to go to the standard icon on the map. For example, to Tsuki Castle. Once you breach the first wall ring, you’ll find a large ground drone patrolling the perimeter. You’d think yourself lucky, since it’s fairly easy to avoid, but no such luck. You actually have to defeat the robot and hack it in order to get access to the boss room. After hacking it, you’ll get a notification, and so will everybody else. So, if your aim is to get the Weapon Case and you see “Castle Security Access Acquired,” head to the castle immediately. The next step is to get into the compound itself and head for the double doors with Xs on them.

how to get weapon case in ashika island dmz
Tsuki Castle location

The next step to get the Ashika Island DMZ Weapon Case is to battle your way to the top of the building, which has about four floors. This is where things get really rough, because the castle is crawling with enemies and traps of all sorts. You have to be very, very, very careful and patient. Do not rush into a room, lest a mine or tripwire blow you away. At the top, you’ll have to take out the boss, the Bombmaker, and several sentries that you have to take out. If you manage to pull all that off, the Weapon Case is yours for the taking. Book it to the nearest exfil if you want to get the rewards, because if someone kills you, they can take the case for themselves.

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