DMZ Battle Plans, Konni Battle Notes & Cargo Ship Instructions

The DMZ Battle Plans mission is a Tier 1 faction mission for the new Shadow Company faction. On paper, it’s rather simple – collect some items and dead drop them at “one of our designated dead drops”. In our guide, we explain where to find Konni Battle Notes and Cargo Ship Instructions in DMZ.

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DMZ Battle Plans, Konni Battle Notes & Cargo Ship Instructions
DMZ Battle Plans, Konni Battle Notes & Cargo Ship Instructions

Where to Find Konni Battle Notes, DMZ Battle Plans Mission

The Shadow Company wants to collect intel on what Konni’s long terms plans are. Hence, they need you to find as much intel as possible and bring them to designated dead drops. There are two tasks here. The first one requires as to dead drop 3 Konni Battle Notes. But, before dead dropping them, we will need to find them.

Your #1 solution is to obtain Battle Notes from the dead bodies of Konni soldiers. Although they are everywhere and easy to spot, as they are the main enemy in DMZ Season 5, you can’t loot this item from every soldier. According to this reddit post you have a better chance if you defeat higher tier Konni enemies. However, the drop rate of Battle Notes is rather low. Hence, you’ll need to eliminate quite a few of them before being able to collect three. The best place to find Konni Soldiers are Active Combat Zones, the new extremely dangerous areas on DMZ maps. There is also #2 option for finding these notes. You have to loot hidden caches in Ashika.

Where to Find Cargo Ship Instructions, DMZ Battle Plans Mission

In addition to Battle Notes, you will also need to find the DMZ Cargo Ship Instructions. Unfortunately, these are more random to find. We were able to find them in the Residential area on Ashika Island, where they were lying on the ground. Check out the images below for the exact location. However, there’s no guarantee that you will be able to find the DMZ Cargo Ship Instructions there as well. It’s worth a try, though! The best place for finding them is in strongholds. While defeating soldiers they will drop Cargo Ship instructions. That said, our “DMZ Battle Plans, Konni Battle Notes & Cargo Ship Instructions” guide is completed!

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