DMZ Scavenger Buy Station Location, Deal with the Devil

The new DMZ faction, called the Shadow Company, comes with an interesting set of new missions. For example, the second Tier 1 mission “Deal with the Devil” will require players to use the new field upgrade called “Disguise”. Disguised, we will need to find the Scavenger Buy Station and buy any item there. Read on as we explain where to find the Scavenger Buy Station location in DMZ.

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Scavenger Buy Station Location, DMZ Deal with the Devil

Where to Find Scavenger Buy Station Location for DMZ Deal with the Devil Mission

The DMZ Deal with the Devil Faction Mission is the second mission in Tier 1 for the Shadow Company. On paper, it seems rather simple. All you need to do is to find a Disguise, equip it, and then find the Scavenger and his Buy Station, where you will need to buy any item. This seems quite simple. However, what has players confused is that the task specifies that you need to buy an item at the Scavenger’s Buy Station while wearing the disguise. Is this some kind of a special buy station?

The first info that we found about Scavenger Buy Station was in this Reddit post, where the reddit user said that you will need to trade with the Scavenger while disguised. We finally completed this mission and we can share with you some additional info. Once you locate the Scavenger equip the disguise. You can put it on or take it off whenever you want. The most important thing during this step is not to engage Scavenger! He’ll mark you a location on the map where you can find a box. That box is a buy station. Once you buy an item the mission is done. When it comes to Scavenger location, he spawns randomly, but apparently, the best spots to check first are the “Hafid Port” or “The Quarry” in Al Mazrah.

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