DMZ Bombmaker Boss Location

The Chemist, the Juggernaut, the Attack Chopper Commander, and now – the Bombmaker. This new boss can be found on Ashika Island, and defeating this character is necessary if you want to get your hands on the new Weapons Case for Season 02. Which you will no doubt want to do, since this Weapon Case is an excellent way for you to get all sorts of permanent unlocks. If you are wondering where and how to find the Bombmaker, we are going to show you the Bombmaker Boss Location in the DMZ right here.

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DMZ Bombmaker Boss Location
DMZ Bombmaker Boss Location

Where to Find Bombmaker on Ashika Island in DMZ

Note that the Al Mazrah and Building 21’s Weapons Cases are going to remain the same for Season 2 going forward. Now, as for the Bombmaker Boss, he can be found on Ashika Island. To locate the Bombmaker, head to the Weapon Case zone there, in Tsuki Castle. Once you get there, you will see that there is a robot that is patrolling the perimeter. Your job is to take it down. After it’s been destroyed, go up to it and hack it. You need to do this in order to progress further. If you have done this correctly, you will get the “Castle Security Access Acquired” notification. If either you or someone else has done this, then you can now go to the entrance doors of the Tsuki Castle Hideout.

Head inside, but be careful – this compound is full of traps and lots of heavily-armed enemies. The Bombmaker Boss himself is located all the way at the top of the base. He looks like a regular enemy, but in a different uniform. Once you take him out, he will drop a Weapon Case. Pick it up. All that’s left now is to perform a successful exfil off Ashika Island with the Weapon Case in your inventory.

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