DMZ Change Operators in Active Duty Slots Issue Fix

If you can’t select or switch your Active Duty Slots operators, you should know that this is currently a widespread issue. Call of Duty Warzone 2 Season 3 is now live, and one of the most exciting new features for DMZ is Active Duty Slots, which allow players to have four characters ready for deployment. However, a bug currently prevents them from changing operators and weapons in Active Duty Slots. Here’s how to fix this issue.

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DMZ Change Operators in Active Duty Slots Issue Fix

DMZ Can’t Change Operators in Active Duty Slots Issue Solution

Warzone 2 DMZ Season 3 introduces one of the largest changes to DMZ since its launch – Active Duty Operator Slots. “At the start of Season 03, every player will have three Active Duty Operator Slots, which equates to three separate Operators that have their own on-soldier items,” says the official blog post. “These items include your Backpack, Plate Carrier, Killstreaks, Self-Revive, and Gas Mask.”

On the surface, this feature is fairly simple. Before each deployment, you choose one of your Active Duty Operator slots, based on your needs for that mission. However, at the start of Season 3, many players simply can’t change and select an Active Duty Slot. What’s more, they also can’t edit their slots to change weapons, gear, skins and other details.

“I created my two additional operators for a total of three. Loaded in with one of my newly created ones, and now I cannot switch to another one, nor edit the current operator”, says Reddit user Federa1Farmer. “I’m stuck loading in with no weapons or armour at all. When I try to tap over to the “Active Duty” slot, the screen blinks and refuses to let me.”

Given that this is a core new mechanic and that the bug renders the game basically unplayable, it’s understandably frustrating. To the best of our knowledge, there are currently two solutions. The first one is to check if your key or weapon stash is full. If yes, then delete some keys/weapons. If this doesn’t help, then restarting your console/PC will most certainly do, as it is reported by many players as a solution for the issue.

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  1. H

    The fix doesn’t work for me, I can’t even access the screen to remove contraband weapons.

    1. J

      same issue I cant change contract either because it says weapons stash is full and I can’t access to remove weapons. so I’m stuck with what I have now.

      1. N
        Niklas Nilhammer

        Same here, cant edit my load out or delete contraband or delete keys.

        1. J
          Justin Deloach

          May 8th and 9th and I am having this same issue can’t use l1 r1 to choose active duty can’t edit my missions can’t access my stash to remove weapons can’t change player this is totally bs and I paid for the vault edition so I am super oissed off rn as DMZ is the only mode I actually enjoy I even started a match and dropped all of my tier 3 guns tried to extract with nothing and got killed in the process which I though may have fixed it but hope same issue how will I ever be able to access DMZ correctly again?

    2. J
      Joshua Selph

      We’re you able to fix it?

    3. M

      This worked for me….. delete temp profile data (in console/PC settings) agree to all the terms then as soon as you access DMZ – delete your weapons (I’ve left myself with 15).

  2. E

    Same problem today April 15. Can’t chance my missions anymore ( sometimes I have to do missions again I already did.) Access to the screen to remove contraband weapons is not working for removing ….. ( the weapon stash is full the game informes me.) Also I can’t chance the 3 operators that I selected…

  3. M

    Having the same issue. Contraband is full and I can’t access the edit screen. Stuck with no weapons and no missions. Restarting worked once and hasn’t worked again.

  4. J
    Joshua Selph

    Same issue I can’t even access the load out screen to change or delete anything! I’ve restarted my console more times than I can remember and still jothing

  5. R

    Can’t change my operator can’t even get to my weapons load out to change even put in lethal ammo tactical ammo or a gun. So I can’t see if my weapon stasher key stash is full. Drive turning off my system restarting my system anybody else have any answers please let me know

  6. C

    Dmz wont let me load up any missions saying weapon stash is full and wont let me on my load out can you sort it out adap

  7. B
    Braddon Kazakoff

    Yep same issue with me. I even tried to uninstall the game to see if that fixed it. Still nothing. Have nothing in my load out but still can’t change anything

  8. E
    Edward Deloch

    Same can’t access active duty slots or remove keys or weapons. Stuck with 1 Operator.

    1. L
      Larry Bylczynski

      I had the same issue but figured it out. If you have quick resume set to on you have to remove that option. Once you unpin it to not quick resume it will work.

  9. E
    Edward Deloch

    Restarting the console doesn’t work either.

  10. P

    Have the same problem weapon stash full can’t change operater when I select edit missions says stash full once I confirm and go to active duty confirmation and select edit it just goes fetching on lne profile tried restarting but no luck I also purchased all slots in operater slots in dmz and not able to even is terrible

    1. P

      Can anyone help same problem can not Access weapon stash I have alll the operater skins in dmc and can not change my operater or clear my stash can’t do anything please help this is about to stop me from ever playing dmz again and I will never buy any add ons for game nothing but problems

  11. F

    Same issue since season 3 roleout. Nothing fixes the known issues

    1. C

      On Xbox. Unpin the game from quick resume. It closes the game and restarts. This fixes it.

      1. F

        This works👍

  12. B

    Cant get weapons or change anything it just skips past slot. This is not on with a game like this that make 100s of millions a year. Am sorry but this is probably the end of the road with this game for me. In fact ps5 and modern warfare for sale.

  13. R
    Rooke Drawdy

    U have to Uninstall the game and reinstall

    1. T

      This did not work for me

  14. M

    Hello, i had this problem too. Played many games not being able to add contracts, destroy weapons etc. I just played a solo game. Went into a shop bought the contraband weapon. Right before exfil i dropped them both . Exfiled restarted the game and now i can destroy and get new contracts. Xbox One. GT: md427

    1. M
      Mike Jones

      This did not work for me

  15. M

    Ok i might have got it!! Just atart a game. When you get to a shop you can by your contraband weapons. I bought 2 of mine and right before exfil i dropped the 2 weapons. Exfiled and started a new game and was able to destroy weapons, accept new faction missions. Going to test it to see if its a legit fix.

  16. I

    I have the same issue. Leaving 2 contraband weapons with which I had infilled before exfill did not change the situation..

  17. J

    Hey I am experiencing this issue as well. My stash is full 21/20. Whenever I try to access the weapon’s stash, it takes me back to the main screen. I cannot edit any missions or wespons. Ugh I am stuck! Cant change ops because its within the weapons section.
    Any help appreciated. I’ll try restarting but I turn my console off every time I finish, so yea I will say its not going to work.

  18. F

    The restart worked for me after 4 tries

  19. C
    Christo Charles Myburgh

    Same issue I can’t even access the load out screen to change or delete anything! I’ve restarted my console more times than I can remember and still jothing

  20. C
    Christo Charles Myburgh

    Same issue I can’t even access the load out screen to change or delete anything! I’ve restarted my console more times than I can remember and still nothing. Even tried to reset my router.

  21. B
    Bear B

    Same issue! This has got to be fixed! The game is not fun like this.

  22. H

    I took my disk out and put it back in and it worked. No pun intended

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