Project Mugetsu Leveling Guide

Project Mugetsu is a Bleach-inspired Roblox title. Just like in Bleach, the world of Project Mugetsu is populated by powerful Soul Reapers and Hollows. And, as is the case in Bleach itself, the path of gaining power is very different between these two species. If you are a bit confused over how the leveling process works in the game, our Project Mugetsu Leveling Guide is here to help you out. Here we are going to explain not just how leveling up works, but also how to level up fast in Project Mugetsu.

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Project Mugetsu Leveling Guide
Project Mugetsu Leveling Guide

Project Mugetsu Leveling Guide

As mentioned, there is a big difference in leveling up as a Soul Reaper and leveling up as a Hollow. Let’s start with how Soul Reapers gain levels. For them, this is a pretty straightforward process. All you need to do is to complete quests and defeat enemies to gain XP. And, you will then get your Shikai, followed by your Bankai. If, on the other hand, you have decided to play as a Hollow, this process will be almost completely different. In fact, what you need to do here is, once you get to Hueco Mundo, to devour other Hollow. Incidentally, this is the same process that actual Hollows use in the anime and manga, so it is a very faithful adaptation of that system.

How to Level Up Quickly in Project Mugetsu

One of the best and fastest ways to quickly level up in Project Mugetsu is to defeat Soul Society bosses. They are an excellent source of XP and doing this will also enable you to increase your Mastery levels as well. Besides this, you should also try and do as many quests as you can. Finally, a good way to level up is to farm enemies – depending on whether you are a Soul Reaper or Hollow, you will face different ones.

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