DMZ Cigar Box Locations

Not sure where to find Cigar Boxes locations in DMZ Season 4? Call of Duty Warzone 2 Season 4 is here, and it lands full of awesome new content to dive into. DMZ is not a mode that holds your hand. Hence, you’ll need to put in a lot of work in order to find many things. Read on as we pinpoint where you can find Cigar Boxes on Al Mazrah, Vondel, and Ashika Island.

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DMZ Cigar Boxes Locations
DMZ Cigar Box Locations

Where to Find Cigar Boxes Locations in DMZ

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Season 4 introduces many new features and improvements to DMZ. This includes the Forward Operating Base (FOB), which is sort of a central hub for DMZ. There, in the upgrades tab, you will find all sorts of passive and active upgrades to work on. You will need to complete various objectives in order to upgrade your gear. These FOB upgrade objectives are passive and do not require players to equip them to make progress. However, that doesn’t make them any easier. Some of them are very hard. For example, players are having a very hard time finding Cigar Boxes locations in DMZ.

Hence, where to find Cigar Boxes in DMZ? Based on our experience and reports shared by other players, DMZ Cigar Boxes locations can only be found on Ashika Island. You will not be able to find Cigar Boxes on Al Mazrah or the new Vondel map. But where on Ashika to find them? Unfortunately, they are random drops. However, you will have a higher chance of finding them in some areas. The residential area will almost certainly always have them. Port Ashika is also a good place to look for Cigar Boxes in DMZ. Check out benches around the map as well, as players report finding them on them. “You find it on Ashika, opening those mirror things,” says Reddit user xxxKillerxxxr. “Spawns around 2-3 a game, the mirrors mostly in the hotels and ship.”

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