DMZ Deal with the Devil, How to Equip a Disguise

The DMZ Deal with the Devil faction mission is one of the first tasks you’ll need to embark on for the brand new faction – the Shadow Company. However, despite being simple enough, there’s one particular thing which confuses many players. Namely, the first step of this mission requires players to “Equip a Disguise”. Where to find this Disguise in DMZ, and how to equip it? Read on to learn all you need to know about this new mission.

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DMZ Deal with the Devil, How to Equip a Disguise
Where to Find Disguise in DMZ Deal with the Devil Shadow Company Mission

How to Equip a Disguise in DMZ Deal with the Devil Shadow Company Mission

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 5 is here! The penultimate MW2 mission comes with a brand new faction for DMZ – the Shadow Company. One of the first faction missions for this faction bears the name “Deal with the Devil”. And in this mission, you will need to “Equip a Disguise” as the first step, before searching for the Scavenger. And this first step is exactly what confuses many players. Where to find a Disguise in DMZ? Where is it located? And once you have it, how to equip it? The answer is rather easy once you understand what it actually is.

Namely, the “Disguise” is a new Field Upgrade. However, this Field Upgrade is not equipped as a part of your loadout, like you do it in MW2 MP. Rather, you will need to find it in-game. This “Disguise” is a random drop from Duffel Bags and Supply Crates. We were able to find one on a train at Al Mazrah. Check out the images below, so that you know where we’ve found it. With that said, our “DMZ Deal with the Devil, How to Equip a Disguise” guide is completed.

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  1. A
    Albert Dahdah

    U need to equip the disguise when the scavenger appears. At his spawn point there will be a box (buy station) do not engage the scavenger while in disguise. U can then buy an item an get the mission done.

    1. J
      James Ford

      What triggers the smuggler to appear. The full mission walkthrough would be appropriate to have here.

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