DMZ Dealmaker, Golden Skull Location

The DMZ Dealmaker mission requires that you store an electric drill, a gas can, and golden skull in your backpack”. Of course, this opens up the question of where exactly you can find these items. To help you locate them as quickly as possible, here’s how and where you can find the and then store the Golden Skull, Electric Drill, and Gas Can in the Backpack in the DMZ Dealmaker mission.

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DMZ Dealmaker, Store Golden Skull, Electric Drill, Gas Can in Backpack
DMZ Dealmaker, Golden Skull Location

DMZ Dealmaker, Store Golden Skull, Electric Drill, Gas Can in Backpack

Let’s start with how to get the Golden Skull in DMZ Dealmaker. The best way to get one of these is to find a Commander Helicopter and then take it down. While you aren’t guaranteed to get a Golden Skull from the Loot Cache of the downed helicopter, the odds of you getting it are reasonably high. Next, how to get the Electric Drill in DMZ Dealmaker. We have already written a separate guide that explains the best places where you can find Electric Drills in the DMZ, but basically, the best places to look for them are in gas stations.

And, finally, how to get the Gas Can in DMZ Dealmaker. Naturally, like the Electric Drills item, you are most likely to find a Gas Can at a gas station. If you are lucky, you might find both of these items at the same gas station. Once you have found all three of these items, the next step requires that you “Trade for a secure backpack at a buy station.” So simply go to the nearest buy station and exchange these three items and you will get a new backpack. And that’s all there is to this mission. Even though it sounds pretty complicated, it’s actually not at all hard to do once you know where you need to go and what you need to do to complete it.

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