DMZ Exfil Streak Not Tracking, Not Counting & Getting Perks Fix

If Call of Duty DMZ Exfil Streak is not tracking, don’t worry – we have a solution! The Exfil Streak feature in DMZ rewards players for successful consecutive extractions with perks. However, in the last couple of seasons, this feature doesn’t seem to work properly. If DMZ Exfil Streak is not counting after the Season 4 update, here’s what we know about it and how you can fix it.

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DMZ Exfil Streak Not Tracking, Not Counting Fix
DMZ Exfil Streak Not Working, Not Getting Perks Fix

DMZ Exfil Streak Not Tracking, Not Getting Perks Solution

On paper, the way the Exfil Streak feature works in DMZ is quite straightforward. You make a successful extraction, and the game increases your Exfil Streak by 1 point, giving you a bonus Perk in the process. And each time you make a successful consecutive extraction, you will unlock the next Perk. The maximum is 10 Exfil Streak perks in DMZ. An important thing to note here is that you need to complete at least one contract for it to count for Exfil Streak. You can not simply enter the game and leave to get a new perk. However, despite these clear rules, DMZ Exfil Streak is not tracking as it should. Players are not getting new Exfil Streak perks in DMZ Season 4.

“I’ve done multiple different missions after the season 4 update, and none of my XFil streaks is actually counting,” says Reddit user Tank9498. “They show on the final screen, but when you go back to the character it never actually increases the perk count.” And many other players report similar issues. Unfortunately, this is a long-lasting bug which first appeared in Season 3. If you suffer from the “DMZ Exfil Streak Not Tracking” bug, there’s a potential solution. As shared by Reddit user Kryro, here’s what you will need to do:

  • Switch to another operator and do a game of DMZ with a completed contract and exfil successfully.
  • This will give you a streak of 1 on that operator.
  • Swap back to the operator where the Exfil Streak is not working, and do some customisation (change skin).
  • Finally, completed a contract and exfil successfully with them, and your Exfil Streak should now increase!
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  1. J

    I can’t get 10th perk because game giving me “focus” perk what I already own. Contacted support but… waiting for update. Or just delete or die that operator and do another 10 exfills.

    1. S

      yea can you update me too cos I’m stuck on 9 cos it’s giving me quick fix twice

      1. T
        This won’t work with black noir. He only has one skin

        Are there any other work around? Activision is really lame for this

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